Getting the details right at a Women’s month conference!

Getting the details right at a Women’s month conference!

August is the celebration of Women and a number of events are hosted in relation to this commemorative month.

In order to host a conference specific to Women’s Month you may want to consider some elements to make it a memorable occasion. In most cases, a conference of this sort is aimed at women only so there are a number of factors that need to be considered as well.

  • Time of day: Host your conference at breakfast or lunch, as it is always best for women specifically as they usually have commitments in the evening and many also do not like to travel alone at night.
  • Food: The food you provide will also be determined by the time of day you host the conference. You may also want to consider a high tea style breakfast where pastries and eats are situated on each table and waiters serve tea and coffee. This is also a nice setup for the ladies to interact with one another.
  • Décor: When it comes to a ladies-only function, it is always best to choose décor that is feminine with floral accents. Incorporating a theme is also a way of breaking the ice between ladies that are not familiar with each other. Themes such as “Mad Hatter” have come up at many a function and encourage the ladies to don a hat of some sort. However other themes such as vintage, denim and diamonds and others have also been popular. The ideas are endless.
  • Entertainment: It is always best to incorporate some sort of entertainment if the women are being addressed by a keynote speaker. This could be in the form of a female comedian, singer or similar. If there is an auction taking place, it is always good nature to inform the ladies upon invitation so that they are able to prepare in advance. The same would apply for a fundraiser.

“If planning a women’s month conference is on the cards for you this year, then these few tips should assist in making the day a success. At Royal Palm Hotel we have all the necessities, and professional experience to make any function flow smoothly,” says Simon Bailey, General Manager of Royal Palm Hotel.

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