France Lifts All Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

France Lifts All Covid-19 Travel Restrictions
Air France A380

Air France confirms that French authorities have lifted all the health restrictions related to Covid-19 currently in force for travel from abroad to France, Corsica and overseas, as well as for travel between France and overseas in both directions.  This is a result of the expiration of both the state of health emergency regime which was put in place in the country during the Covid pandemic and its “transitional” regime.

The classification of countries (greenorange, red), which identifies zones of virus circulation, is also removed.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to present the following health documents:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Negative Covid-19 test result,
  • Certificate of recovery,
  • Sworn statement,
  • Compelling reasons for travel,
  • Digital Passenger Locator form (dPLF).

As a consequence, these total lifts of health restrictions to France and overseas regions allow a return to a nominal pre-Covid situation.

Travellers are still encouraged to visit for updates before booking.