Event Air Conditioning and Fan Hire

Event Air Conditioning and Fan Hire
Event Air Conditioning and Fan Hire

Make your outdoor event bright and breezy with these must-have amenities

Event hosting and planning can be a daunting task in and of itself. It involves endless nuances and necessities to keep track of and bring together to make your event function, let alone be as spectacular as you’re hoping for it to be. And while outdoor events give you an unparalleled level of freedom when it comes to the themes and decor for your event, tent hire poses a whole new set of challenges one must overcome to accommodate their guests.

But with the right outdoor event equipment paired with your hired transparent marquee tent, stretch tentpole tents, or aluminium frame tent you can have the dazzling outdoor event or practical setup you have planned with none of the hassle.

Enrich your event with to-hire equipment from Cozi Hire

With the right catering and outdoor event equipment, you can have your 5 star event with all the bells and whistles without sacrificing your picturesque location. Cozi Hire is a tent hire company in Cape Town dedicated to offering you an all-inclusive hosting experience for your peace of mind and convenience.

Not only do we offer full furnishing and catering services, but we also offer event air conditioning for hire and fan hires, the perfect rental solutions to regulate temperature at your event. The weather outdoors may require you to fend off the heat or cold to keep guests comfortable, so pair your industrial fans and powerful event aircon with other rental equipment such as raised decking, furniture, glass and fibreglass doors, flooring, portable toilets and event security.

If you’re interested in hosting your event outdoors with one of our event tents and marquee hire, feel free to contact us for a quote! We’ll assess your event scale and specific requirements to ensure your event is catered to.

Keep any event going even if the lights don’t – opt for a generator!

Electricity is also a necessity at most events, and you can’t rely on there being sufficient power sources wherever you’re hosting with your outdoor event tents, especially if your tent is set up in nature and remote locations. Additionally, load shedding can strike at any given opportunity, making generators essential for ensuring your event doesn’t come to a standstill when the grid fails. A stable power supply is a key part of enjoying uninhibited access to amenities such as bars, kitchens, lights and sound systems, all of which make an event all that much more spectacular.

Maintain ideal room temperature with the right air conditioner and fan units

A power supply also gives you ready access to for-hire event air conditioners and industrial fans. Large enclosed spaces can get warm and stuffy quickly even on a cold winters day, and this is compounded further on one of Cape Town’s blisteringly hot summer afternoons. But even the most fickle South African weather doesn’t match up to powerful air conditioners, available in small to medium sizes with a range of 2000 BTU (British thermal units) to 240 000 BTU. This is more than enough to regulate the temperature and humidity inside even the largest of outdoor tents.

Regulating temperature and humidity is also of top concern for mobile hospital units with the current pandemic. Our high tech mobile hospital tents come outfitted with generators, air conditioning units and industrial fans to regulate the temperature for patients and keep essential equipment running. We offer reliable fan hire and event air conditioning hire in conjunction with our mobile hospital unit tents for hire and outdoor event tents.