Engen supports local swimming pool with equipment for summer fun

Engen supports local swimming pool with equipment for summer fun
Engen donated swimming equipment to Lamontville Swimming Pool

Lamontville Swimming Pool, a local institution since the 1950s, stands as a beacon of sportsmanship and community engagement. Recognizing its historical significance and impact, Engen is contributing to the pool’s legacy by providing essential swimming equipment to promote youth engagement during the upcoming summer holidays.

Lamontville Swimming Pool is a hub for various sports, including swimming and water polo. Over the years, it has produced skilled professionals, including lifeguards and divers recruited to the SA navy, whilst others have gone on to work on cruise ships.

The pool has played a vital role in the lives of many South Durban Basin residents, acting as a catalyst for dreams and providing hope, particularly for the previously disadvantaged. The support from Engen aligns seamlessly with the company’s focus on community well-being and skills development.

At the official handover on 12 December 2023, Engen donated swimming equipment designed to facilitate learning and promote healthy exercise among children.

The items include 20 Resistant Bands, 20 Skipping Ropes, 20 Short Fins, 20 Goggles, 20 Spurt Hand Paddles, 20 Standard Armbands, 10 Splash Dive Sticks, 10 Splash Dive Streamers, 20 Noodle 65mm x 2m, and 20 Splitz Standard Kickboards.

The initiative aims to deliver several benefits to the youth in Lamontville:

  • Meaningful Engagement: Engen’s support will empower young individuals, offering them a constructive and enjoyable outlet during the summer break.
  • Crime and Drug Prevention: By providing an alternative activity, the initiative seeks to deter youth from engaging in negative behaviours such as crime and drug abuse.
  • Health and Fitness: The swimming equipment will enable aerobic, low-impact exercise, contributing to the well-being of participants and helping them stay fit and healthy.
  • Social Interaction: Engen recognizes the importance of sports in fostering social interaction, relaxation, and stress relief, enhancing the overall quality of life for the community.

Dr James Xolani Nyawera, Engen’s Head of Transformation and Stakeholder Engagement expressed  Engen’s commitment to community well-being.

“Engen remains committed to making a positive impact in the communities it serves, and our support of Lamontville Swimming Pool underscores our dedication to promoting well-being, skills development, and a vibrant community spirit.”