Eclipse Investments Limited Launches in Mauritius

Eclipse Investments Limited Launches in Mauritius
Eclipse Investments Limited Launches in Mauritius

Eclipse Investments Limited launches in Mauritius, as the island nation re-opens its borders and welcomes back international tourism and investment.

Eclipse Investments Limited is a lifestyle media company operating within the homes and real estate sector. The Mauritius based company provides services across all investment destinations in the Indian Ocean.

The company partners with a network of property developers and suppliers in real estate and lifestyle living to offer a full range of marketing services, including home interior design and architects. The business offering extends to all who wish to build, upgrade or sell their existing home and/or invest in a new or additional property on the island.

Eclipse Investments markets a range of luxury properties and services which are showcased through its owned digital media channels, as well as a quarterly print magazine, Homes Mauritius. The Homes luxury print magazine is strategically distributed at locations in Mauritius where foreigners, expats, travellers, and professionals gather. It is also sent to the top 100 CEOs of Mauritius. Through the Homes magazine and website, Eclipse Investments provides visibility in print and digital platforms, including social media, to ‘all things Homes’ on the island of Mauritius and surrounds whilst expanding its reach to the South African market.

Leading Eclipse Investments Limited’s ventures in Mauritius is co-owner and managing director, Aurelie Termet. She is a French-born, global citizen with a passion for travelling, tourism and hospitality. Termet cut her teeth in the real estate industry in the rich and vibrant country of the West Indies, where she operated an agency focused on rentals for luxury properties. During this time, she decided to integrate with local newspapers to bolster business, selling French and English advertising.

Despite her love for the West Indies, Aurelie moved back to France before making the leap to Mauritius two years ago. As for her decision to move to the island, Aurelie finds Mauritius to be a combination of the West Indies and Africa, two regions she fell in love with growing up. “I love Mauritius because there is a richness and diversity in the population that is unmatched, not to mention its incredible natural beauty”.

I’m thrilled to have a strong team behind me and blessed to have met her new business partners. ‘’I don’t think I would be where I am today without their support. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds and growing this exciting business together” emphasised Termet.

As of 1 October 2021, authorised commercial flights between South Africa and Mauritius have resumed after an 18-month long travel ban due to the coronavirus crisis. The resumption of commercial flights means fully vaccinated South Africans will be allowed to travel to the island nation, without having to quarantine. South Africa due to its proximity remains a priority market for Mauritius and this timely announcement, which comes just ahead of the December holiday season is expected to kickstart the tourism industry.

Integral to Mauritius’s 1 October, re-opening is the country reaching its Covid-19 vaccination target, of 60 percent of the total population, one month ahead of schedule.

South Africans constitute the second largest number of foreign investors in Mauritius. The island country is often likened to paradise courtesy of its picturesque white sandy beaches, clear blue seas and skies, and hospitable people. It is also renowned for its steady economic and political trajectory, pro-business climate and capped taxes.

“We invite all eager investors and travellers to browse our website! It gives you access to an all-inclusive, and user-friendly, digital platform to view various relevant products and services across multiple operating systems and mobile devices. Picture you and your family basking in the Mauritian sun, there’s truly no other place quite like it. And once you’re done with the daydream, reach out to us at Eclipse Investments Limited and we’ll help make it a dream come true.” concludes Termet.