Don’t Get Left in the Dark – Beat Load Shedding with Emergency Power

Don’t Get Left in the Dark - Beat Load Shedding with Emergency Power
Don’t Get Left in the Dark - Beat Load Shedding with Emergency Power

Running a business of any scale in South Africa right now is harder than it’s ever been, with Covid restrictions and social distancing necessitating a new way of life and doing business. In the New Normal, businesses are overcoming new challenges and reshaping their operations to operate more effectively; however, with load shedding in effect again, businesses have yet another obstacle to overcome.

Power your business through load shedding with generators

Now more than ever before, businesses can’t afford to get caught in the dark. And unfortunately, it’s no longer a matter of facing problems as they arise. Sources confirm that load shedding in South Africa is estimated to stay active for the next five years, and if businesses want to stay successful and competitive they need to be able to keep their doors open no matter what comes their way.

By using generators, businesses can keep their lights on and equipment running even when load shedding comes into play. No matter the industry or scale of your operations, there’s a generator designed to meet your power needs. Even those working from home can benefit from a home generator to keep them working online when the power goes out.

Penpower supplies and repairs an extensive range of generators for use in multiple industries. With some of the best generator brands in the industry, you can expect to find;

John Deere generators – Nothing beats the dependability and ease of handling of these American built engines. Easy to maintain and operate, Penpower and John Deere also offer after-sale support for your generator. This brand is popular amongst the agricultural industry but has performed well in other industries and environments as well. And because you can’t afford downtime, all access points for maintenance and setup are on a single panel for convenience and quick repair.

Baudouin engines – Designed to perform even under the most extreme marine conditions, load shedding is no match for Baudouin generators. Rooted in years of research and development, these generators can be confidently put to the test in even the most demanding industrial environment.

Cummins generators – The leaders in emergency power, Cummins is brand renowned for its reliability. Operating in even the toughest and most remote environments where the fuel quality can be poor, Cummins engines can withstand everything thrown at them. Their versatility makes them a fan favourite in many industries, making them great for everything from personal use to industrial use. They come in a wide array of power outputs to suit the scale of your operations. Cummin generators are also renowned as some of the cleanest burning engines on the market, essential for environmentally conscious businesses.

Perkins generators – These British-made generators are renowned for their quality and reliability, but more than that, they’re incredibly easy to repair. With easy access to parts across South Africa, Penpower is well versed in Perkins Generator repair and can supply and service a broad array of diesel generators from Perkins. You’ll never have to worry about extensive generator downtime. We are the leading suppliers of Perkins Generators in South Africa.

Keep Your Lights On and Your Doors Open with Penpower

We know the necessity for sustainable and reliable power sources for all industries in South Africa. Businesses and hospitals need to keep their lights on their equipment running, but beyond that, individuals have enough to deal with without being left in the dark for hours at a time.

With Penpower’s extensive range of generators with varying power outputs to match your power needs, no one should be left without power. Browse our collection of generators to find the right match for electrical requirements, or contact Peninsula Power Products to find out more about which generator will work for you.