Del Monte Kenya Enters into Partnership with Global Security Leader G4S

Del Monte Kenya Enters into Partnership with Global Security Leader G4S
Del Monte Kenya Limited

Del Monte Kenya, Ltd. announces a strategic partnership with G4S Kenya Limited, an affiliate of G4S, an Allied Universal® Company and a global leader in security solutions, to reinforce security efforts within its operations. This collaboration comes as a response to recommendations from a recent Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA), which endorses outsourcing security personnel as part of best practices.

In alignment with the HRIA findings, Del Monte Kenya has engaged G4S Kenya to oversee security operations, citing the company’s reputation and expertise in the field. This decision underscores Del Monte Kenya’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its personnel and surrounding communities.

G4S Kenya will deploy approximately 270 security professionals who have undergone extensive training. The training curriculum emphasizes real-life scenarios, de-escalation techniques, and the minimum use of force, with refresher courses scheduled every six months to foster continued proficiency. All security officers have undergone thorough vetting processes to promote the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. The new workforce is also finalizing additional security and human rights awareness training, which is being conducted by the expert human rights group that led the HRIA and is in line with the HRIA recommendations.

G4S Kenya maintains a steadfast dedication to ethical business practices and is aligned with recognized international human rights standards across its operations.

“Led by experienced G4S Kenya officers, our teams will work closely with Del Monte Kenya and local law enforcement when incidents of theft do happen,” said Laurence Okelo, Managing Director of G4S Kenya. “Positive, inclusive, and constructive community engagement is a central consideration, and we will work with local communities focusing on theft prevention, conflict resolution, and improving communications.”

In response to the partnership with G4S Kenya, Del Monte Kenya reiterated its commitment to addressing security challenges.

“We are committed to addressing the effects of the coordinated criminal operations targeting our fields and stealing large volumes of pineapples,” said Wayne Cook, Del Monte Kenya’s Acting Deputy Managing Director. “The safety and security of each individual within our company and the surrounding community are our top priority. We are actively working with G4S, local authorities, and the police to craft strategies aimed at responding to these challenges safely and effectively.”

As part of the partnership, all security operations will be outsourced to G4S Kenya. Del Monte Kenya is committed to ensuring that this transition is executed with precision and effectiveness, prioritizing the safety and integrity of its operations and personnel.