Dashpay Glass transforms Android Mobile Devices into Contactless Card Payment Terminals

Dashpay Glass transforms Android Mobile Devices into Contactless Card Payment Terminals
Glass mobile app.

Any of the 44 million NFC-enabled Android smartphones in the South African market can now become a mobile credit card terminal – with zero sign-up cost, zero monthly fees and zero data charges – with the Dashpay Glass app. The Glass app helps any merchant, from informal traders to chain retailers, add zeroes to the bottom line by offering a secure, quick and efficient payment acceptance solution to customers as a stand-alone card terminal or back-up and expansion offering to their existing terminals.

Users are able to download the Glass mobile application from the Google Play Store, complete a basic profile and start transacting immediately, cutting out red tape, logistics – and beating loadshedding. All successfully completed transactions appear in the merchant’s Glass wallet immediately, with pay-out available on completion of FICA and business profile verifications.

Smart reverse data integration means that merchants don’t use their own mobile data to transact, nor will a transaction fail in the event that a user doesn’t have a positive data balance on their own device.

“Glass offers all the security of a traditional card payment terminal, thanks to Dashpay’s decades of experience in successfully managing the back-end systems for thousands of secure payment terminals across South Africa – and into the rest of the continent,” says Dashpay Managing Director, Benjamin Powell. “While card payment terminals will remain a mainstay in the formal retail market, the option to start accepting card payments immediately and with no sign-up, rental or data costs will provide an immediate and necessary boost to the informal and SME economy in South Africa. Glass will also offer merchants a back up when their primary device in store fails or is offline due to loadshedding”.

The introductory transaction fee of 2.5% – the only fee a merchant pays for operating Glass – is the lowest direct rate offered to the market in South Africa.

Glass is available for download now in the Google Play Store.