Customer Experience and Its Impact on Your Business

Perhaps a customer is not always right, but customer experience is seldom wrong. If you want people to have the correct image of your brand, you have to create a smooth and holistic customer experience.

Customer Experience and Its Impact on Your Business
Customer Experience and Its Impact on Your Business. Image: Pixabay

We live in a world where emotions and impressions are very significant. Moreover, they have become even more important than the price of a product or service. Positive emotions bring the joy of communication, the joy of life moments. Customer experience is the moment when you get an emotion. It can be viewed in the context of mathematics as the difference “result – expectations.” When you are going to a meeting, consume a product, or communicate with people, you are waiting for something and get some result. This attitude is an experience.

Customer experience is an important indicator of business development; it gives an understanding of what consumers of goods services really face with. Earlier, in the era of mass consumption, people were willing to spend money on everything and did not think about the service. Now the global market has become so competitive that high-quality service and product is not enough for success without a new interesting experience offered to a client. If a person first addresses a company, and this contact produces the so-called “wow-effect,” this client will not only continue cooperation but be glad to recommend it to friends and acquaintances. An example of this is the chain of coffee houses – Starbucks. The company’s CEO, Scott Bedbury, once said, “Starbucks does not sell coffee, it gives a social charge.” A strange statement for a coffee shop, isn’t it? But the fact is that visitors of the coffee house indicated social experience as the main reason for visiting this place, that is, not coffee, but an experience! And this applies to many other areas of business. Customer experience has become more important than ever.

Positive reputation, consistency, and feedback from existing customers are playing an increasingly important role for the B2C industry than traditional advertising tools. One of the main marketing expenditures today is “customer experience marketing.”

In a highly competitive market, consumers’ expectations are constantly changing. For modern organizations, building, maintaining and improving high-class service is a priority direction of development. The goal of modern marketing is to control the customer experience fully – the customer’s impressions he/she receives at every stage of interaction with the company.

Here are the main issues of customer experience management:

  • Feelings and emotions are important in the assessment of your business by your client.
  • Provoking the right reaction is important.
  • A client, in any case, will appreciate the attention to his/her person.
  • There are no unimportant components in the company’s service; each element affects the total image.
  • High-quality service should be one of the main strategic directions of the organization.

If you want to apply an integrated approach to form the customer experience in your company, it will be better to undergo systematic training in one of the specialized courses devoted to this issue. If we are talking about Dubai, UAE, a good solution would be the customer experience training course from Atton Institute.