Custom Home Designs: Suggestions You May Have Overlooked To Make Your Home Stand Out

Custom Home Designs: Suggestions You May Have Overlooked To Make Your Home Stand Out

Considering incredible home designs for your custom home can be an exciting process. However, this process can soon grow to be overwhelming, especially as there are several choices to choose from. While there has been a recent endless talk about the latest custom home trends, you may find yourself lost in the sea of the best type of cabinets and countertops to choose from for the kitchen, or the best flooring option to choose from between hardwood, ceramic, laminated vinyl plank or carpet, you may also be lost as to what the best type of lighting fixture to add to your new home is.

In the process of getting through this details, chances are that you may skip on some of the important features in the home and end up making a rather regrettable decision.

To save you from future regrets with regards to ill-thought out features and installations, below are some of the recommendations you should give adequate considerations to when setting up your custom home.

Take Advantage of Technology and All It Has To Offer Your New Home

Modern technology seems to be one of the most important considerations for custom homes, however, most homeowners seem to take this for granted until later. Design integrations employing the use of the latest technologies, when added to the home can significantly improve overall quality of life of individuals and families. Features such as smart appliances, Nest, cat6 outlets, plugs equipped with USB outlets and more should be considered for the home as they are becoming a more frequent addition.

In adding technology to the home, it is also recommended that you consider each room as a separate entity, installing features which can ensure the sustenance of each room as part of the general home. When selecting features, ensure that you are creative and can think outside the box.

Superior Storage Space

One of the most important parts of the home is the storage space. Storage spaces are never too much and can become a common deficiency in the home when not properly catered for. When designing your custom home, ensure that you do not make the common mistake of wasting spaces. Pay adequate attention to extra spaces and have them converted into compact storage area which can either be visible or hidden, depending on the location in the home. Areas like corners can be fitted with corner cabinets, mudrooms, and deep cupboards to help you better manage space and create options with regards to storage.

If you are choosing mudrooms for your home, a great way to incorporate storage into this area is by adding stop-and-drop lockers or creating bench areas, utility sinks, additional closets or cabinets for storage of common items such as laundry supplies.

Another wasted space in the home is the kitchen corner. This area can easily be converted into a lazy storage with pull-out shelves and deep cabinets.

Age in Place

A great advantage of custom home construction is that you get to decide on both short and long term plans. Should you envisage that you will be living in the property till you’re old, then, you should not overlook aging in place considerations.

With aging in place considerations, custom designs which are implemented are those that cater for your needs on the long term basis. Installing features which can help you stay in your home much longer will reduce the stress and hassles associated with the home’s design when you become a senior.

Consider installation of items such as walk-in shower, elongated toilets, raised heights, grab bars, wider doorways, lever door handles, and a level entry leading into the home from the garage or outside space.

Make Life Easier

As part of design considerations for the home, take account of the essential things your current home lacks that can improve the standard of your living condition. Perhaps you may need a shed, an additional garage space, more storage areas and more.

Think critically as convenience should be one of the principal factors guiding the design selection for your custom home. Should you need a more convenient way to operating your air conditioner, you may choose the latest appliances which allow you control indoor temperature from your phone.

Your Outdoor Space

While it is easy to focus on the indoor space, it is also important to note that the outdoor is also a part of your property. Consider installation of features like decks, pools and outdoor kitchen to boost the quality of your life. Proper planning of the outdoor space can also offer you a great choice location for hosting parties, family and friends, playground conversions and more.