COVID Care Package launched to bolster businesses and benefit employees

COVID Care Package launched to bolster businesses and benefit employees
COVID Care Package launched to bolster businesses and benefit employees

Johannesburg, 22 September 2020 – There is a growing need for businesses to not only be relevant in the ‘new normal’, but also to show that they care for their people. Hey Jude, the world’s first human-powered digital assistant, has rolled out an affordable, customised version of its innovative digital platform for the benefit of businesses and their employees.

The Hey Jude ‘COVID Care Package’ is a short-term solution designed to add value to the lives of employees and their families during this pandemic, by providing them with vital assistance tools via a Progressive Web App (PWA), at a reasonable cost to organisations.

“Employees’ stresses have been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis, to the point where they have required more support than normal with health, finances and family. The new ‘COVID Care Package’ provides businesses with a better, smarter and economical way of connecting, engaging and taking care of their employees during these uncertain times”, says Shabadh Mathura, head of sales at Hey Jude App.

The programme aims to boost the mandate of increasing morale and productivity of employees, bolster talent attraction and retention, and promote a company culture that cares for the well-being of employees beyond the pay cheque.

“By adopting the ‘COVID Care Package’, businesses can deepen relationships with employees by personalising their employee offering beyond work hours and standard, outdated benefits, while also positively enhancing the perception as an employer that has the needs of their employees at heart,” says Mathura.

The programme comprises the full suite of Hey Jude’s services and benefits offered at a fraction of the cost, and through a user-friendly Progressive Web App (PWA). Employees who have to perform their work duties and obligations under challenging circumstances, can reach out to their human-powered digital assistant via the PWA to solve day-to-day tasks. The digital assistants are available 24/7 to also take care of employees’ kids’ schoolwork challenges, provide comparative pricing on products, and find and negotiate deals and discounts on groceries, essential goods and internet connectivity, to mention a few.

Offering Hey Jude through a PWA brings accessibility, connectivity and convenience to the fingertips of employees. Any user can use Hey Jude’s services in the PWA on their phone, enabling them to get what they need from one service, anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the need for employees to use costly data to download the programme from an app store, as well as the frustration of waiting for a website page to load due to slow download speeds or poor network connections.

For more information about integrating the Hey Jude ‘COVID Care Package’ into your business, visit, send an email to [email protected] or phone +27 11 449 7114.


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