City of Cape Town honours Scientology Volunteer Ministers with civic award

Recently, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers were awarded with the City of Cape Town’s highest honor, the Civic Award, after they have spent months in the city sanitizing thousands of buildings and providing skills development all for free during Covid.

This ceremony took place in the City of Cape Town hall to honor its most hardworking members of the community and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers were awarded by the Mayoral Subcommittee of the city for their relentless and dedicated work in keeping the City safe from Covid-19.

The local NPO was the only awardee with only a year of partnership with the City, due to sheer impact, which was acknowledged in the presentation by the Ward Councilor and by the attending Members of the Mayoral Committee.

The Ward Councilor who awarded them began her speech with “The Volunteer Ministers as part of the Church of Scientology, have been fighting Covid-19 throughout the pandemic and partnered with the City since 2020. They have sanitized an enormous amount for the City of Cape Town.

“They are partnered with the City, with the Province and at a National level and have been assisting government on all levels to stay safe during the pandemic and it’s so important. They also helped with the fires that broke out in Cape Town. They have trained and helped empower many people with their training, working with the Community Policing Forum and they are experts in the Disaster Management field. I really appreciate the work you have been doing. I am actually astonished by the work you do and continue to do. They are always there to help.”

Other recipients of the ranged from political activists to NPO’s helping the city to battle covid. One example was a community activist group who achieved a historical win. In 1966 the Apartheid government declared an area of Cape Town called District 6 “Whites only” and loaded up anyone who was not white into trucks and took them to townships. This man gathered a class action suit against the national government and won, allowing those who were forcibly removed over 55 years ago to return to their homes, which were rebuilt and made available to them just a few months ago.

A member of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Mandy Pelser, had this to say about the award “I am receiving this honor on behalf of all the volunteers who continue to give selfless help to the city and the country during this time, I am sure that this will encourage them to carry on”.

Each year, the City of Cape Town awards Civic Honors to outstanding individuals, organizations or military units, Civic Honors recognize extraordinary contributions or acts of service to our city and its residents. These include upholding the rights of others, serving their community above themselves, and contributing to nation building through outstanding service and achievements.

This is the first time we receive such an honor from the city and we are resolute to carry as there is so much more to be done” Concluded Mandy Pelser.