Celebrating two decades of innovation in industrial automation

Celebrating two decades of innovation in industrial automation
The Motion Tronic team celebrate their 20th year in business

Motion Tronic, leading specialists in industrial automation, recently celebrated twenty years in business. Bradley Douglas, Director of Motion Tronic, reflects on the journey that has shaped their remarkable story.

“The widespread unrest that swept through KwaZulu-Natal in 2021 left a trail of destruction and our premises in Waterfall fell victim to the flames, leaving behind only ashes and ruins. The impact on us was severe and the business suffered a complete loss, including all of our testing equipment. It was a devastating blow but we refused to succumb to adversity and embarked on a journey of rebirth and renewal,” says Douglas.

In October 2021 Motion Tronic relocated to new premises in New Germany, encompassing a spacious 800 square meters. With unwavering determination, the team began the process of reconstructing the offices and workshop, and within just one month, the Motion Tronic headquarters were up and running.

“Rebuilding our testing equipment and workshops was a crucial step in our revival and we spared no effort in replacing all the stock that had been lost, ensuring we were well-equipped to serve our customers. We also invested in state-of-the-art motor testing technology, enabling us to offer our clients even more precise and efficient solutions,” explains Douglas.

A key milestone in Motion Tronic’s resurgence was the construction of a new load testing station. “This facility allows us to rigorously test drives under various conditions, ensuring our reliability and performance. We also built new testing amenities specifically designed for servo motor and drive repairs, further expanding our capabilities and expertise.”

In 2022, Motion Tronic became the African partner agency for Inovance, a global leader in programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

“Two decades on, and we are proud to stand as a beacon of resilience and excellence in the field of industrial automation in South Africa. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for their unwavering support,” concludes Douglas.