CBD Box Packaging: Wisest Options

CBD Box Packaging: Wisest Options
CBD Box Packaging: Wisest Options

One of the main marketing tools that companies have to compete in the market is the labels and CBD packaging of their products. In addition, they play an important role in transmitting information to consumers regarding the business origin, properties, characteristics, and all information that will help the consumer decide to buy or not said product.

The Labels Are Generally Made Up Of Two Parts:

The mandatory information (RUC, ingredients, warnings, expiration date, etc.) and the commercial information, which is the one that is placed on the front or main part of the label whose purpose is to draw the attention of the consumer to purchase the product. Among the main reasons why companies are fined, and this is often due to not having specialized advice, is because of the commercial information that must be included on the labels. Choosing Custom printed CBD boxes happen to be essential there.

On the other hand, and according to the latest report, the sanctions for misleading advertising are the second most sanctioned behavior by the said institution, which is in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the market.

Reports also indicate that, in 2017, 193 files derived from complaints of acts of unfair competition carried out in the advertising activity were resolved. This problem occurred mainly in activities related to the trade sector.

Well-founded complaints amounted to 102, of which at the end of 2017, 61.8% consented. Of this percentage, according to the offending event, 49.0% of the total files were founded due to a lack of the principle of legality, 30.4% due to an act of deception, and the remaining 15.7% to confusion, undue comparison, and denigration, among others. 159 companies were sanctioned.

Marketing through Advertising:

One thing to keep in mind is that, according to the 2018 registry of offenders administered, of the 81 companies sanctioned for acts of unfair competition, 38 of them refer to acts of deception. Acts of deception usually occur through advertising, which can be by brochures, inserts, labels, packaging, and advertisements on social networks, TV, radio, and press. In the case of advertising (commercial information) that is placed on product labels or packaging, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Phrases to Attract Customer:

The phrases or sentences that are placed indicating some objective, measurable or verifiable data such as: “10% more yielding than”, “eliminates wrinkles”, “made with natural products such as”, among others, must have the evidence, dated prior to the diffusion of the advertisement, that accredits said statements.

Any indication of the origin of the product must also be truthful, such as: “made in”, “Made in”. In case the components of the product are indicated, such as ingredients, or their properties, there must also be evidence to prove the veracity of said messages. Comply with the sectoral regulations regarding the labeling, indicating the name of the company, sanitary registration, if applicable, expiration date, ingredients, weight, etc.

In this way, the competition that the consumer must select is to whom the CBD packaging is exposed. To hit the nail on the head with the design, it is necessary to previously do a study on the target group to whom the product will be directed, it is also necessary to study the market trends that are constantly evolving, the materials that are going to be used and of course consider always as one of the most important things the comfort of the consumer.


However, CBD packaging evolved so much that James Pilditch in 1968 attributed the concept of a silent seller to CBD packaging in a book that is still a reference in the industry today. This means that the CBD packaging itself is in charge of selling itself, thus becoming a decisive element at the time of purchase.