BuildRSA National Conference
BuildRSA National Conference

20 July 2023 – BuildRSA chat platform is a South African technology initiative, which gives people the chance to share their thoughts and feelings on developmental issues facing the country and find sustainable solutions to resolving them. It serves as a platform for constructive dialogue, providing everyone interested in building a prosperous South Africa with the opportunity to share opinions and practical, considered ways to address the socio-economic and political challenges plaguing our country.

The BuildRSA National Conference, South Africa’s first-ever text-based conference, will happen on the BuildRSA platform at on 24 July 2023.  Running from 10:00am to 1:00pm, conference participants will focus on discussing critical challenges and exploring innovative solutions for South Africa’s problems.

The BuildRSA conference offers a unique platform for leaders, experts, and stakeholders across various fields to come together and delve into innovative approaches to problem-solving. It provides a safe space for all its participants to engage in frank, open discussion and shape the national discourse, while fostering collaboration and idea-sharing to build a better nation.

You can join the conference free-of-charge by logging onto and then registering a username and password.  You’ll need to wait a short while for a blue button with a plus sign to appear before you can post a comment. Please RSVP for the conference at: [email protected]

Theme leaders from diverse fields will share their insight and facilitate discussions on 10 topics, namely: why problem solving is a problem as well as problem solving in education, state-owned enterprises, government affairs, business affairs, eliminating poverty, society and family life, social cohesion, employment and jobs as well as economic development and exploitation of African resources.

Each theme leader will present a paper on a specific topic for discussion, clarification and amplification by all delegates. They will answer questions from conference participants and engage with them, adding a wealth of wisdom to the conversation. Once all papers have been presented and deliberated on, delegates will discuss key matters arising and put forward recommendations.

With loadshedding, a stagnant economy, water cuts, an education crisis, high rates of unemployment, gender-based violence, poverty, crime and corruption, among numerous other issues facing South Africa, the importance of the BuildRSA conference can’t be overemphasised.

The BuildRSA chat platform was developed by Priority Performance Projects, which is part of Plus 94 Research, the largest independent, South African and black-owned research company in the country.   BuildRSA aims to ignite personal agency, initiative and collective action to drive positive change while promoting active citizenry, winning mindsets and a culture of focus, hard work and excellence.

Dr Sifiso Falala, CEO of Priority Performance Projects, says the BuildRSA conference holds immense importance for South Africa’s future development. “This vital gathering aims to address one of South Africa’s most pressing challenges – the pillar of problem-solving skills,” he explains. “South Africa, with its abundant resources and untapped potential, has proven time and again that it possesses the ability to overcome obstacles. However, the lack of effective problem-solving skills has hindered the country’s progress and limited its ability to compete globally.”

These are some key reasons why the BuildRSA National Conference is of paramount importance:

  1. Addressing Root Causes: The first step in solving any problem is understanding its root causes. The conference will encourage participants to engage in candid discussions, analyse relevant data and explore first-hand experiences. By thoroughly examining the hurdles hampering South Africa’s development, we can lay a solid foundation for effective problem-solving strategies.
  2. Promoting Global Competitiveness: In an interconnected world, global competitiveness is crucial for a nation’s economic growth and prosperity. By strengthening problem-solving skills, South Africa can enhance its competitive edge, attract investments, foster entrepreneurship, and ultimately contribute to the overall advancement of the nation.
  3. Cultivating Self-Love and Confidence: An essential aspect of problem-solving lies in instilling self-love and confidence in individuals. By emphasising personal growth and empowerment, the BuildRSA conference serves to motivate and inspire participants to believe in their potential to effect positive change. This will not only enhance problem-solving abilities but also cultivate a mindset of resilience and perseverance throughout society.
  4. Fostering Patriotism and National Unity: Building a stronger South Africa requires collective efforts and a deep sense of patriotism. By addressing the challenges hindering our nation’s development, the conference aims to ignite a sense of pride among citizens, fostering unity and a shared vision for the future. This shared purpose will encourage collaborations, partnerships, and collective problem-solving endeavors to propel South Africa forward.

By attending the BuildRSA conference, participants can contribute invaluable insights, ideas and perspectives that add to shaping an effective roadmap for South Africa’s sustainable development.

The BuildRSA platform already has a large following, with users regularly commenting on various issues, from our energy crisis, economic inequality and corruption right through to crime, African proverbs, education, lack of infrastructure maintenance and more.  BuildRSA runs two artificial intelligence (AI) driven news services called BuildRSANews and a video-based news service called DIYAfrica, which is also AI driven. Additionally, the platform provides the opportunity to benefit from thought leadership articles and academic material, participate in surveys and polls, like and reply to posts and share them on Twitter as well as upload agenda-setting articles, photos, videos and illustrations to amplify your points.

The BuildRSA National Conference aims to make a significant contribution to collective efforts to address South Africa’s challenges, while promoting a spirit of optimism, hope and determination to empower our nation. Together, let us harness our collective potential to overcome challenges, promote problem-solving skills, foster global competitiveness, cultivate self-love and nurture a profound sense of patriotism. By unleashing South Africa’s true potential, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

A final Conference Report will be produced and placed on the BuildRSA website within a month of the conference.