Breakfast Conferencing – power pointers

Breakfast Conferencing – power pointers
Breakfast Conferencing – power pointers

Hosting a business event? Why not schedule it over breakfast?! Scheduling an event over breakfast might seem like a crazy idea, if you consider the benefits to early risers and their habit of tackling the most challenging tasks first thing in the morning , you might discover many perks.

The two main reasons why breakfast conferences work best is firstly because attendees are more likely to RSVP as they will not feel like you are interrupting their work day. Secondly, studies suggest that early mornings are when the majority of people are at their most alert and more productive.

However, making the most of this opportunity does take some planning. To discover the secret to planning a successful breakfast events Simon Bailey, General Manager of the Royal Palm Hotel. Simon and his team are experts in planning successful business conferences and events, most of them being in the early morning. He shares his top 5 full proof tips for planning a successful breakfast conference…

1)      Accessibility. Since you don’t want your guests to stuck somewhere in a morning traffic jam, make sure that the location you choose is easily accessible at this time of the day. Our hotel is a corporate favourite because it is conveniently located in the heart of Umhlanga.

2)      Food selections.  Time your breakfast so that it does not interfere with your event timetable and make sure there is plenty of coffee, tea and water. Ask your guests for any particular dietary needs, so that you can make sure there is something suitable to eat for everyone. Our conference packages cater for all dietary needs.

3)      Make it worth their while. People have got out of bed early or given up their morning routine to attend your event, so make sure to start their day on a positive note. Speakers should be motivational and presentations should inspirational.

4)      Have an enticing goodie bag. Treating your guests to some goodies can help you acquaint the audience with your brand, stretch communication, and finish an event on a cheerful note.

5)      Wrap it up on time. People will generally RSVP to breakfast events knowing that attending will not interrupt their day to much. Time is precious and since you’ve managed to occupy your guests most productive 2 hours of the day, make sure you keep your event to time.

Whatever conference you are looking at hosting, look at ways of making it different in order to grab and keep the attention of your delegates. Looking for a conference venue in Umhlanga, look no further than Royal Palm Hotel. For more information, contact 031 581 8000.