Best online business ideas in UAE

Best online business ideas in UAE
Best online business ideas in UAE

One of the best places in the Middle East region to set up an online business is the UAE. Thanks to the UAE government’s great efforts, the country is now considered as the commercial hub of the region. There are an endless number of businesses across the country who are offering a wide range of products and services to the local market as well as surrounding countries.

Dubai, in particular, as the commercial capital city of the UAE has experienced a rapid growth over the past two decades across various industries such as construction, tourism, commercial and financial services and a lot more.

There are countless opportunities in Dubai and the UAE to start your online business from a website design and digital marketing company all the way through a small online shop for pets.

Top online business ideas in the UAE with great potentials

  •  Food Delivery Service 

Delivering food to people at their doorsteps is booming in Dubai right now. You don’t even need to own a restaurant or run a kitchen. All you need is a well-designed website, and contracts with local restaurants to offer their menu on your website. Once receiving an order, you will arrange for pick-up and delivery. Restaurants are more than happy to reward you with a commission on every single order.

  • Digital Services Provider 

If you have what it takes to start a digital service agency in Dubai, you beauty! There are a large number of people out there who are planning to create a website in Dubai and start their own business. Regardless of the actual business being carried out online or offline, a website and SEO services are alway needed.

  • Virtual Assistant 

More companies are now outsourcing their needed services, as it is a proven approach to reduce cost and improve productivity. There are a large number of services that can be provided online such as email management, admin support, data entry and almost any basic services that you can think of.

  • Consultancy Service 

With an endless number of commercial companies operating in the UAE, the need for consultancy is rising across the country. If you are a guru in finance, commerce, Tax, customs or any other major that is needed in the country, you can start a lucrative online business by providing consultancy to firms and people in need.

  • Translation Services 

There are a large number of expats from all around the world who live and work in Dubai. Even though the main languages in the country are Arabic and English, there are still many other languages used in the country that make translation services a very profitable business. If you know both English and another language very well, what are you waiting for then?!

  • Accounting and Book-Keeping services 

All businesses of any kind need accounting and book-keeping services. Businesses smaller in size are better off to outsource financial services. With the implementation of VAT and corporate tax in the UAE, such services will be more popular and very profitable.

  • Online Store 

Online shopping is getting more popular across the globe, so is in the UAE. Choose a market segment that you are interested in and have a good level of knowledge about it. Design a website and start your online store right away. You can be confident that if you make things easier for consumers, they would most probably buy from your ecommerce store.

Things to carefully consider when building your own online business

UAE is one of the best countries for doing business. The process of registering and licensing is quite easy, straightforward and quick. However, there are some important points that you must pay attention to, before starting your actual business. First of all, you must register your own company under your legal business name. The next step will be applying for required licenses depending on the type of your business. Once all legal prerequisites are in your hand, you need a well-designed website and more importantly a professional SEO plan to promote your business. Be prepared for no conversion within the first months of starting your business, as you must get out of the Google sandbox, to start getting traffic from actual customers. More importantly, never fail to monitor how your online business is performing in terms of SEO, as there are instances that you must make changes in your SEO plan and strategy. The sooner you identify the issues, the lower the cost of making changes would be.