Battery vs Petrol: The Great Debate

Battery vs Petrol: The Great Debate
Pieter Smuts, Managing Director of Husqvarna South Africa

Battery-operated outdoor power equipment is transforming the way people work

Do you need to update your outdoor power equipment but you’re not sure if battery or petrol-operated is the better option? With the recent advancements in technology, choosing between the two is now a serious debate.

Pieter Smuts, Managing Director of Husqvarna South Africa says the benefits of each are now closer than ever. “When it comes to power and durability, you’ll never go wrong with Husqvarna’s petrol tools. With the advancements being made in our battery products though, they are more than just a replacement for your old petrol-operated equipment, they’re an upgrade,” Pieter explains.

Battery power is transforming the way people work. Chainsaws, brushcutters, hedge trimmers and blowers, once thought to be too underpowered, are fast becoming the equipment of choice for groundsmen, forestry workers, farmers and landscapers.

Pieter explains: “Convenience and cost efficiencies have transcended the gardeners’ electrical products into the everyday working life of professionals using outdoor power tools.”

So which power option should you choose? Pieter shares his top reasons why battery operated equipment is a serious consideration:

1. Silent performance

The main benefit of fully electrical power equipment such as Husqvarna’s battery series is the extremely low noise levels. Battery power whispers in at 65 to 83 decibels, which means you probably couldn’t tell if your neighbour was operating a chainsaw or hedge trimmer next door. For professionals, these low noise levels is the solution for working in sports grounds, schools, hospitals and other areas where noise pollution is an issue.

2. Power

We are often asked if petrol-operated equipment is more powerful than the battery counterparts? The simple answer is yes. There is still a power discrepancy and Husqvarna’s petrol tools remain the best choice for heavy jobs. Battery power is however now widely recognised as the smarter way to power through everyday tasks, delivering a new level of performance and dependable power. With extensive and impressive run times and minimal charge times, Lithium-ion batteries offer a reliable power source and the tools are tough enough to handle most jobs.

3. Safety

Battery products provide improved safety as they remove the need for fuel filling and on-site storage. No more teaching crews how to mix and handle fuel properly. There’s no engine oil, so there’s less chance of burning up an engine and there’s also no tugging away with recoil starts.

4. The healthier option

Battery power is clean and operators are exposed to less noise as well as fewer emissions. For professional users, another benefit is the huge reduction in vibration. This makes battery tools more comfortable to use, particularly when they are being used all day and reduces the risk of Hand-Arm-Vibration syndrome, which can become an issue for many operators.

5. Convenience

More ergonomic, battery-powered tools are easier to operate and start instantly, allowing crews to get their jobs done efficiently. It’s a simple case of charge and go. At the press of a button, instant full power. Batteries are easy to switch out on site resulting in less downtime and because Husqvarna’s batteries have been designed to fit a range of tools, they are interchangeable between hedge trimmers, brushcutters, blowers, chainsaws and even lawn mowers.

6. Cost effective operation

Ultimately, battery products are also good for your bank balance. Once the initial investment has been made, the running costs are incredibly low as electricity is significantly cheaper than petrol. You will also save on maintenance as there’s fewer moving parts and no need to change filters, oil or spark plugs. This adds up to significant savings in the long term – certainly, a factor when purchasing equipment for professional teams.

Taking the arguments in favour of battery power, with its benefits to the environment, operators and those in the vicinity, it’s easy to see why many professionals are turning to ‘charge and go’. All the power you need with lower emissions, lower noise, lower vibrations and great safety as well as reduced costs. “Battery vs petrol? The ultimate choice remains in the hands of the user and what best suits their needs and working environment,” Pieter concludes.

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