AXOR AfricaEdition competition: Meet the talented winner Ryan Olivier

AXOR AfricaEdition competition: Meet the talented winner Ryan Olivier
Ryan Olivier

Designer Ryan Olivier talks about his winning design

Johannesburg, August, 2020. AXOR’s MyEdition range of mixers are setting new standards in customised bathroom design. The most unique feature of this range is the customisable mounting plate, which was the centrepiece for the recent AXOR AfricaEdition competition. The AfricaEdition competition saw several talented South African designers create visions of their own mounting plate with an Inspired by Africa theme.

Prizes include a trip to the Black Forest in Germany and the incredible AXOR Starck 240 showerhead, valued at R 10 999. Plus, the winning design will be brought to life in the real world. While competition was fierce, there could only be one winner. And that turned out to be the supremely talented and creative Ryan Olivier.

Ryan is a designer from Cape Town, South Africa, who believes in a multidisciplinary approach to design. Ryan had a natural aptitude for the arts, even from a very young age and this ultimately laid the groundwork for his successful creative career. “I would describe my approach to design as ‘African inspired authenticity with contemporary global appeal’,” says Ryan.

“I am forever looking for new and exciting ways to challenge myself, broaden my horizons and feed my passion for design, across a diverse array of spectra,” he continues. “I saw this competition as an opportunity that gave me real creative freedom to explore my interest in product design, within the constructs of an African-inspired context.

“My designs were inspired by Africa’s unique cultural roots and the diverse people who call the continent home. Each of the AXOR MyEdition concepts takes you on a journey that transcends geographical borders and celebrates the true depth and abundance of Africa.

“There are no words to even begin to describe my excitement at winning this competition. The Black Forest has always been a destination I’ve wanted to visit. And this whole experience has been truly humbling. What an incredible learning path. I aim to keep pushing the envelope in my pursuit of excellence and strive to better myself in all facets of the industry”.

Runner-up’s were Landart Studios and Andrew Mboyi. Due to the great success of the South African version of this competition, similar competitions will be launched by AXOR in other parts of the world, too. So, AXOR AfricaEdition has turned out to be a true triumph for South Africa in more ways than one.

AXOR continues to reinvent luxury bathroom products as we know them, creating design masterpieces that house innovative, water-wise technology in a world that is crying out for forward thinking. AXOR seamlessly pairs efficiency with aesthetic appeal, bringing undeniably noticeable innovation into the most intimate space in your home.

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