AI can maximise your time this festive season

AI can maximise your time this festive season
Dries Cronje, CEO of Deep Learning Cafe

With the December break just around the corner, businesses can use technology to make up for tough times experienced during lockdown, while still taking time off to recoup from a difficult year. Artificial intelligence (AI) inventions like virtual assistants, identity analytics, and Natural Language Processing have helped companies streamline workflow, carving out the time to work on bigger projects to increase profits or to take a much-needed break.

“Lockdown showed businesses that there are smarter ways to work. Many companies adopted new technologies during this time, these tools will continue to streamline business processes and enhance employee productivity,” says Dries Cronje, CEO and founder of AI consulting company, Deep Learning Café.

“From real-time decision making to reducing operating costs, AI can work together with employees to create solutions that will improve the way businesses work,” says Cronje. “These tools don’t just benefit business owners, but staff too.”

With a wealth of new apps and technologies available to help companies save time and work more efficiently, it is possible to end off the year on a high. Cronje offers three tips on how AI can assist businesses:

  1. Anticipate customer behaviour – with the help of AI-powered technology, businesses can predict consumer needs and behaviours, identify customer follow ups and pinpoint those who may be ready to convert to a sale. This will not only enable you to take some time off to enjoy your break, but it could also generate more sales for your business.
  2. Automate customer communications – there’s no need to put an out of office on this December. A chatbot will respond to your online queries for you, without anyone being the wiser! This AI-powered tool can help initiate conversations with customers and answer common questions in real time, allowing you to deliver quality and efficient customer service.
  3. Eliminate manual tasks – from analysing volumes of high-density documents and research, to reviewing contracts, automating manual tasks will save you time and energy, giving you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones instead of drowning in paperwork. AI technology can also be customised according to a businesses’ needs, increasing efficiencies and profitability.

Specialising in building custom AI solutions for businesses, Deep Learning Café partners with clients and leverages technology to optimise time, resources and to increase profits. Designing products for clients across the retail, travel, and legal sectors, they use machine learning to process documentation, handle insurance claims, perform legal case research and predict customer buying patterns. For more information, visit