Additional Bronze Sponsors Announced Ahead of African Energy Week 2021

Additional Bronze Sponsors Announced Ahead of African Energy Week 2021

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, November 4, 2021/APO Group/ —
With additional bronze sponsorships being announced, African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 is gearing up to welcome attendees, stakeholders, industry ministers and key players to the continent’s premier energy event. The sponsors will be supporting the event through panel discussions and dialogues that seek to provide an overview of the oil and gas, renewable, and power markets in Africa, while emphasizing the need for enhanced infrastructure development, progressive policy frameworks and strategies to increase investment in Africa.

Joining an elite group of sponsors from all over Africa, the additional bronze sponsors reflect the magnitude of willingness of industry stakeholders and the appetite of international and regional investors to network and unfold possible opportunities for Africa’s natural resource exploration. Notably, as a bronze sponsor, Kariya Energy will explore how technology can be applied to reduce carbon emissions, maximize revenues and enhance oil and gas production across Africa’s energy sector. As a full cycle energy company focused on acquiring upstream and midstream assets in Africa, the company will be a critical participant in the discussion on oil and gas’s role in Africa’s energy transition.

With one of the main themes of the event comprising Africa’s energy transition outlook, bronze sponsor Emerging Energy, as a dedicated investment firm in the energy sector, will drive discussions and share expertise on how companies can position themselves and their policy frameworks to meet investor requirements. With the firm’s focus on investing across the energy value chain, its range of companies in Africa has demonstrated utmost professionalism through capacity building and delivering market-leading returns which stakeholders and key players will benefit from.

With many companies in the energy sector’s value chain committing to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, AEW 2021 will, through its engagement sessions, emphasize the critical need for partnerships between governments and key stakeholders to drive Africa’s economic growth and energy transition. Accordingly, Orama Corporate Services’ vision to cultivate free trade on the continent will be valuable for many companies in the sector attending AEW 2021. Orama’s unique business development strategies will provide entrepreneurs and investors with opportunities to thrive and grow through challenging times such as the ones brought about by the global pandemic.

Meanwhile, based in the host city of the upcoming AEW 2021 and as a bronze sponsor, Wellpoint’s experience as a long-standing drilling company positions it to lead conversations of sound environmental practice in the upstream sector. More than just an energy event, AEW 2021 is the biggest networking platform for Africa’s entire energy sector value chain, providing stakeholders, companies and key industry players with valuable insight that will assist in progressing Africa’s energy future.

AEW 2021, in partnership with South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy DMRE, is the AEC’s annual conference, exhibition and networking event. AEW 2021 unites African energy stakeholders with investors and international partners to drive industry growth and development and promote Africa as the destination for energy investments.

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