A New Community To Help Get Your Business Leads Online

For too long small businesses have been sitting on the sidelines of Google search results, watching the more prominent brands dominate on every generic and niche search term. And even though SME’s are trying to compete, they simply to do not have the resources or skill to push out enough targeted content or have the budget to compete for search advertising placement bids.

Challenges Most Small Businesses Face Breaking Into The Digital Sphere

Small businesses starting out don’t always have the capital to push into developing a website in the first place. If your products or services are not web-based, it often seems a waste of money to invest in this platform from the beginning, but unfortunately, that decision means you’re losing out on customers who are online looking for your services.

If you have made the transition to online and own website, you now have to think about marketing it to gain traffic. Using other sources like social media, SEO, Google Ads, Email, Display Ads, Remarketing, the list goes on.

Having a website costs money, you need to spend on marketing, website hosting fees, development and upkeep.  You can try to do it yourself, but you either don’t have the time, or it’s just not your forte.

What small businesses in South Africa need right now is a platform that is easy to use and manage. A service that lets them highlights their brands most import information and offerings at a minimum cost (even better if it’s free). Unfortunately, there wasn’t an option for many small businesses until now.

Introducing The  nichemarket Community

nichemarket is the brainchild of two seasoned digital marketers from sunny Cape Town, South Africa.  For years we have been helping businesses build their brands online and noticed a common trend.

The corporates had the budgets to dominate every marketing channel from social media and email to Google Ads and Organic search results. And even though online marketing costs much less than traditional advertising, smaller brands did not always have the budget, the time or the expertise.

After turning away so many promising small businesses, we decided we want to create a destination where they too can thrive and get their piece of the internet pie.   And that’s how nichemarket was born, a social marketplace community that is fully set-up to get your brand visibility online and lower the barrier to entry, instead of having to compete with larger corporations.

nichemarket acts as an entrepreneurial hub for small businesses to promote their services and consumers to find their services online.

You sign up for FREE and create a business profile for your business, and we do the hard work of marketing your business to the South African Public.

What Do You Get With A Free nichemarket Business Listing?

So now you probably asking, what do I get with this free business listing and is it worth my time!

The Simple Answer:

It takes 5 minutes to sign up and your business get tons of online marketing benefits for free!

The Longer Answer:

By signing up to nichemarket, you can enjoy the following for FREE:

  • A Fully Optimised Landing Page for your brand which can even act as a website if you do not have one yet.
  • With 19 categories to choose from, you get an equal opportunity to dominate your niche.
  • Free exposure to an average of 70 000 visitors to our site per month.
  • A chance for your brand to reach and interact with a broader audience in both your local area and the greater South Africa.
  • Increase your credibility by getting customers to rate and review your services online.Access to expert advice as our blog now provides over 500 in-depth articles on business and digital marketing from a wide range of local and international experts.
  • Access to expert advice as our blog now provides over 500 in-depth articles on business and digital marketing from a wide range of local and international experts.

Give Your Brand A Kickstart With nichemarket

With more benefits and zero downfalls, we can’t think of a reason for any South African business not to register. To get started head to www.nichemarket.co.za and hit sign up!

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About nichemarket

Started in 2015, nichemarket started out as a digital marketing agency in Cape Town. After 3 years of seeing businesses struggle with the same issues, we decided it was time to develop a tool that would help local entrepreneurs market themselves online while encouraging discovery of local services.

nichemarket is now a FREE to use social marketplace & business to consumer matchmaker geared towards helping companies increase their online following and visibility while providing customers with a variety of options when looking for products or services.

We also offer a range of value-added services to help optimise and improve the way you run and market your business via nichemarket web services our digital marketing agency.