6 Essential Sales Dashboards to Manage Your Organization

6 Essential Sales Dashboards to Manage Your Organization
6 Essential Sales Dashboards to Manage Your Organization

Sales dashboards play a fundamental role in any business that wants a clear picture of the milestones achieved within a particular period. Also, approximately 45% of the sales dashboards enable you to increase customer retention within the company by portraying actionable insights on how to fulfill customer needs and interests.

The customer management system, also known as CRM, collects information from different sources within the business and displays measurable data within the dashboard. The measurable data includes key business performance indicators, also known as KPIs. In addition, you can opt to customize your sales dashboard depending on your specific needs.

There are multiple sales dashboards that can be used to manage your organization that you need to know. Below are some of the essential sales dashboards that you need to know.

Sales Productivity Dashboard

This sales dashboard is designed to give you a clear picture of how all your sales representatives spent their time. You get a chance to view the recent activities of all your team members. The dashboard can give you a breakdown of the leads by status, the type of activities, and anything else done by the sales representatives.

The sales productivity dashboard gives you the freedom to monitor the activities of your sales representatives without the need to go out and carry out the work manually by comparing historical and present sales data using a comparison bar chart. Also, you get to identify whether the sales tasks are done on time or not. Apart from ensuring that every team member is on the same page, you can also evaluate any cases to do with customer interaction.

You can evaluate the number of interactions that takes place every day before your team members close a deal with potential customers. If you realize that there are poor results in interaction matters, check on the dashboard and attend to training or talent issues.

Sales Leaderboard

The sales leaderboard gives you a concise overview of your team’s performance by evaluating measurable business goals such as the number of new customers, the amount of revenue collected, and the number of sales closed by every sales representative. Evaluating such insights gives you the power to push your team members and elevate their performance.

This type of sales dashboard works as a game-changer since it intrigues your team members to work harder and elevate your business brand. Also, the dashboard enhances collaboration among team members within the business and mentors each other depending on their areas of strength and weakness.

By evaluating the rankings of every individual within the company, team members get a chance to learn from the top-performing individuals, thus enhancing uniform growth within the company. The sales leaders identify those struggling to handle their daily duties and enable them to solve their areas of weakness.

Overall Sales Performance Dashboard

The overall sales performance dashboard gives you a clear view of the performance of your team members. This dashboard analyzes things such as the number of deals closed, the customer acquisition cost, the average revenue per unit, and the customer lifetime value. The dashboard outlines all the necessary data that can be easily digested.

The data presented on the dashboard is easy to read and analyze, thus giving you a clear picture of the strides that your team members have made within a particular period. Also, you can incorporate data visualization into the mix to generate more actionable insights that can guide you during the decision-making process.

Business leaders can use this dashboard to evaluate whether every team member is attaining their stipulated goals. Also, they can evaluate if the team members are on the right track towards meeting their respective goals. This dashboard works as a basic necessity that you need when generating your business reports and evaluating your business performance.

Forecasting Dashboard

As the name suggests, the sales forecasting dashboard provides a clear picture considering the business’s future performance. It monitors whether the sales revenues increase or decrease over a particular period. You can use this dashboard to compare your current performance and your business goals.

Suppose you note that the sales forecast is a bit low. In that case, you can go the extra mile and boost your marketing efforts in order to diversify your business within a wider domain to secure more clients and elevate revenue collection. Also, this dashboard is a useful tool for those sales representatives who receive a commission based on how they perform.

When the sales evaluate their current performance using the dashboard, they are likely to detect the amount of money they will receive after a particular period. It also increases the momentum at which they work since the more deals they close, the more money they make depending on the employment agreement.

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

This dashboard drills down across different elements within the business to give a clear picture of the progress of your business. The dashboard has the capabilities of drilling into different sources, such as the open leads to bring you insights that can impact the growth of your business.

The pipeline gives you clear insights into what is remaining to be able to hit your target in the long run. It enables you to enhance your working capabilities in order to take your business from one level to the next. Depending on the provided report, you can intrigue your team members and enable them to work harder to attain their quotas.

Note that you can opt to launch a promotional campaign to make a weak pipeline campaign strong and elevate your business performance. Also, you can invest in the thorough training of your team members to sharpen their skills to enhance the number of deals closed.

Top Performing Customers Dashboard

The top-performing customers’ dashboard enables the business owner to identify the accounts that have generated a huge revenue over a stipulated time frame. It gives you a detailed report regarding some of the big deals that have been closed by various team members with specific customers.

Once you have identified some of the top-performing customers who have generated significant sums of money, you can easily tailor methodologies on how to create a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial in nature. Also, you can easily monitor any form of changes among the top performers, and you can handle them immediately.

It is essential to ensure that the top performers are serviced well to maintain a good relationship a create a good brand name for your organization.


A good sales dashboard can increase a business’s revenue by 10%. You need to understand the best practices of using sales dashboards and utilize data visualization to uncover any hidden data details that you need to know. Also, ensure that you practice the insights generated from the dashboard report to enhance performance.