5 Tips To Make An Ideal Website For Your Business

5 Tips To Make An Ideal Website For Your Business

Business needs care, dedication and of course Hard-work. Whether you’re running a small business, large business or a start-up. In this generation of digitalization, everyone is willing to shift their business into the internet. Those who have noticed this change early now efficiently settle their selves upon the platform. According to statistics, in 2020 the population of internet users in India will reach up to 564.5 million. Thus, the platform of the internet gives the business holder enough chance of engaging in that much amount of audience.

How to benefit your business through the internet?

Though the internet can help your business in many ways, the best option is to create a website that should be just like your offline store, which should be capable to engage the visitors and attracts them enough to buy your product/services. At the start, websites were being made to attract computer visitors but with the heavy usage of mobile internet, the consumer would feel easy to surf the internet on to the mobile. Though, the websites which are being made incompatibility of computer doesn’t let the mobile user feel comfortable while surfing. This brings up the need for responsive websites or mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-friendly websites will help the user surf with ease. Today, almost every website is now focusing to shift their websites as responsive ones, as they change accordingly to both mobile and computer. But another question here may arise is how to make your website mobile friendly? I will tell you five tips which will help you make your website ideal for mobile and as well as your personal computer.

  1. Make Your Website Responsive

Responsive websites are the websites that include all the same content and information on any device you access, but it changes the display and arranges the content according to the device’s screen. It comes up as one of the best options to make a mobile-friendly website as it does not limit the information to access to the mobile users. With that responsive designs are also good for SEO. There was a time back when websites were made with the priority of making it compatible with the personal computer users, but with the growing trend of mobile internet, the users feel easy to surf the internet with mobile, tablets, etc. Another importance of making a responsive website is when a person sees your business ad while using any social media app, he will need just tap to visit your website and go through the services you are providing.

  1. Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to Work on Mobile.

Make the button size such that it will not let feel the user inconvenience It’s easy enough to click on the button when you are using a mouse, but if you trying to click with the fingers, small buttons may feel hard to click. Then it needs to be large enough to be seen easily and get clicked easily. The benefit will give that it doesn’t ruin the user experience and make him frustrated. The best way to save your visitors from this frustration is to use bigger buttons.

  1. Use Large Font Sizes

The font size on a mobile website should be such which is easily readable because reading on a small screen is harder as compared to reading on a larger screen and it’s all about user’s experience, once the user feels irritated with any small thing on your site he will never going to coming back again. So you have to be careful with every small detail while making a website. That’s the reason font’s size matters equals to any other thing on a website. Reading on a small screen is that much harder if the font is tiny. It’s best to use a font size of at least 14px on your webpages.

  1. Compress Your Images and CSS.

Internet speed is unpredictable, sometimes it can be fast as flash and sometimes slow as a turtle. In this scenario, you should compress anything which is taking a large space, with keeping quality in mind. Compress the high-resolution website images and CSS. It will keep your site steadily fast even in the low connection as it will not take much time to load.

  1. Allow to Switch to Desktop View.

User choices will not be the same as always, sometimes they want to see the desktop version of the website into the mobile. So, to let the customer feel a friendly vibe from your website and having a connection to set up with you, it’s a good option to give an option to ‘Switch to desktop view’ or ‘Switch to mobile view’ option available for them.

So, these are five of the most important tips to keep in mind while making a mobile-friendly website. If you want to make your website mobile-friendly, there are some website designing companies that do that, but I recommend using Ciyashop Responsive E-commerce WordPress theme.  They are one of the finest web designers in the country and have lots of positive client reviews in their bucket.