5 signs that you’ll enjoy your new work environment from day one

5 signs that you’ll enjoy your new work environment from day one
Cathy Kalamaras, People Director, South Africa at Webhelp

With many companies having to pivot to allow for remote working opportunities, the value of a healthy work environment has been brought into sharp focus. Considering a large portion of an individual’s life is spent at work, the office environment is a major deciding factor in an employee’s happiness, and ultimately in the organisation’s success.

“No business can truly flourish without prioritising the wellbeing of its employees,” explained Cathy Kalamaras, People Director, South Africa at Webhelp – a leading global consultancy and customer experience (CX) organisation. “People aren’t simply looking for a job these days, they’re looking for an environment that offers a culture of support and encourages individual creativity. Whether this is providing work-based healthcare facilities, healthy food options or just a nurturing and inviting space, people deserve to work in a place that puts the wellbeing of the individual first.”

To give jobseekers a head start, Webhelp has shared 5 signs that indicate a workplace has a healthy environment.

  1.  Clear goals

Everyone in the workplace, from entry-level employees through to the managers, are on the same page when it comes to company goals. There is a culture of open, honest communication that prevents behind-the-scenes discussions which can lead to a toxic environment. Because everyone knows what’s expected of them, everyone feels equally responsible for the success of the company and works cohesively to overcome challenges.

  1. Flexibility

As the past 18 months have shown us, change can happen in a heartbeat and if the workforce isn’t flexible, then the future of the company is called into question. A team of visionary people working in a creative space will constantly be looking for ways to take the company forward. Tried-and-tested just doesn’t work anymore, so it’s important that the company encourages and celebrates innovation.

  1. Holistic support

A healthy workspace is a supportive workspace. This means providing employees with the required training and ongoing upskilling in professional support. It also means attending to employees mental and physical wellbeing where possible. A company that offers healthcare options, psychological support and takes into consideration family responsibility is a company worth working for.

  1. Appealing workspace

It might seem obvious but a company that cares for its employees, actually cares for the physical environment in which they work as well. Who can be inspired in a cramped office with drab walls, peeling paint, no windows and artificial lighting? A healthy workspace is one that is well-maintained and encourages creative output. Where possible, natural lighting, inspired scenery and indoor plant life are beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing.

  1. Inclusive environment

Work is more than just work; it’s about interacting with different people on a daily basis. To get the best out of employees, companies need to break down barriers through teambuilding activities and company events, where possible. This gives employees the chance to get to know each other, and get to know each other’s strengths, in a different environment. This leads to more streamlined operations and a happier workplace.

Webhelp, which launched its Durban-based office in October, ticks all the right boxes when it comes to creating a harmonious workspace. Located in the scenic uMhlanga Ridge, the building boasts a 4-star Green Energy Rating and water recycling features. The on-site Webhelp Health & Wellness Centre in partnership with Momentum gives employees access to nurses, counselling, lifestyle information and a lactating facility for breastfeeding mothers.

Sine Moesha Majozi, a 24-year-old Chesterville resident, can attest to Webhelp’s dynamic environment and is currently relishing her role as a customer service advisor at its newest branch.

“Webhelp is a second home for everyone here because of the support we get from all of the managers,” said the enthusiastic mother-of-one. “Aside from being innovative, what sets Webhelp apart is that employees always come first. We’re appreciated in every way possible, such as the advisor days where we’re awarded for our hard work.”

Majozi said that there were so many opportunities for growth within an international organisation located so close to home: “I was attracted to the position because I believe in team work and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I get to deal with different kinds of customers and queries. I am just so happy to be a part of Webhelp and really see myself going places with this company.”

To find out more about Webhelp, visit www.webhelp.com