4 Packaging Trends that will help the Business grow

The packaging industry is ancient.  This industry has come a long since the coopers used to hand-craft the wooden barrels to ships the goods. We cannot say that it is a new industry. But it has grown so much, but still, there are few points or the tricks which will improve your business.  benefits you in the long term. We have relied on cardboard custom boxes and packing material (styrofoam peanuts) for decades to guarantee our articles arrive securely. But the face of the packaging business is changing. Here are four packaging industry trends that you cannot manage to neglect and how your company can profit from switching to these new and trending methods.

1.     E-Commerce Packaging

As we all know that E-commerce is swiftly replacing your conventional retail stores. This course will proceed to grow as more consumers become satisfied and happy with the idea of online shopping. While E-commerce is not new, custom boxes for these investments is a quick-growing business trend.

There is some known name in the E-commerce industry have automated these methods. These companies use robotics to handle each step of these logistic processes. Remember one thing

You do not require robots to develop your e-commerce packaging

The point we should consider is that utilizing this kind of packaging means mastering three challenges

  • Sustainability
  • Brand improvement
  • Returns

You require to guarantee that your e-commerce boxing adds to the sustainable circular economy, while appropriately portraying your label and giving your buyers a way to refund or return the goods if needed. The trend will proceed to pick up speed as the e-commerce grows, so it’s essential to focus on customized boxes packaging to stay ahead of specific industry changes.

2.     The Sustainability and Green Movement

We have heard the saying “recycle, reuse, reduce” since junior school, but how can we apply to the package and logistics?

Buyers continuously search for various means to decrease their carbon footprints. And in several cases, by this, they mean switching brands for their desired goods if manufacturers do not take measures to make their packaging and supply chain more sustainable.

Let us take a close look at boxes or packaging material you use and discuss how you can execute these more sustainable. Do you depend on new products?

How much of your boxing uses non-biodegradable stuff like plastic and styrofoam? Could you substitute some of these materials with the biodegradable options, like torn recycled cardboard instead of the styrofoam peanuts?

Moving to sustainability in your boxing is not just the option anymore — it is becoming the necessity if you need to continue to attain success in the modern eco-conscious economy.

3.     Consumer Convenience

For a client, there is nothing regretful than digging into several layers of packaging to get the article.  These awkward trends will turn off your potential customer no one like to spend hours in unboxing. Otherwise, you chance becoming a subject of the meme. like the one showcasing the humor of purchasing the pair of scissors in the plastic clamshell box. that needs scissors to open.

Remember Convenience means various things to different consumers. Some may define it as the single-use packages that they can toss in the pocket or purse on the go. while many may consider the box that enables them to reach their article easily and quickly without any extra tools to be an epitome of the word.

Creating your packaging more suitable for your clients also allows itself to make your system sustainable. Simple to open the boxes— branded or not — is likely biodegradable or recyclable. Yes, Plastic packaging is famous because of its versatility and durability.  But they are less likely to be recycled fiber or cardboard packaging.

4.     Digital Packaging Printing

One of the popular viral video trends in 2019 is the unboxing or unpackaging video. Individual take recordings of themselves removing the packaging material or open the product. Also post it on social media like YouTube Dailymotion, Instagram, making thousands to millions of views. Remember the Digital packaging printing provides you the tools to get your trademark name out in front of both to your buyers and anyone following these unboxing videos.

Digital Box Printing provides you the opportunity to print the logo, shipping labels, and any other relevant information right on the box. it is also reducing the demand for non-recyclable adhesive stickers. As per the experts, the digital Box printing market will proceed to develop exponentially and will be worth more than the $21 billion by 2022. The potential applications of digital custom printed boxes technology are endless. And while it will take the ample initial expense to purchase the basic printers. Remember this trend will change the way the logistics business looks at package and labeling customization.

Ignore These Custom boxes Trends at Your Peril

Now, we are not telling you to adopt any or all of the above mention trends right away. but overlook them at your risk. The boxing industry is evolving, and you will require changing with it or be left behind. Whether you adopt green movement, or the custom printed boxes trends both will be beneficial for your business in the long run.