Zimbabwe’s land: myths about the myths

Now anyone who thinks that Mugabe is anything other than a mass murdered, who killed tens of thousands of his own people, has been missing much of Zimbabwe’s history. Some 20,000 Matabele were killed by the North Korean trained fifth brigade during operation Gukurahundi.

So Kapanen’s first myth is that Robert Mugabe is someone whom we should respect.

But what of the land issue and the role of western journalists?

I went to the area of Masvingo in which Professor Ian Scoones team worked and came away with a very mixed picture. This is still available and I would invite anyone doubting this to listen to the programme.

Anyone who has listened across the BBC’s coverage will know that there is no intention to produce  some kind of simple-minded apologia for white farmers. Down the years my colleagues have covered every aspect of Zimbabwe’s politics – something Mr Kapanen appears to have missed.

Of course serving BBC journalists (of which I am no longer one) cannot defend themselves and have to read the nonsense people write about our work in silence. Having retired, I can speak out….

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