Tied a rope around her neck and dragged her through the house

Tied a rope around her neck and dragged her through the house

Mommy, I’m scared. He hurt me… instead of “Hi Mom, how are you today” it is the words that stab like daggers in Ms. Annatjie Spencer’s heart.

Her 33-year-old daughter was hiding in a closet and the first number she dialed was her mother’s after the senseless and brutal attack on her minutes earlier.

Spencer said her daughter who asked be kept anonymous because she fears that her attacker would return, was booked off on Monday, January 26, 2015 and stayed at home for the day.

The suspect managed to capture their boerboel in his kennel and put a dustbin in front of the kennel so the dog could not get out.

“He entered the house without hindrance and attacked my daughter in broad daylight,” Spencer said.

The suspect caught the woman off guard and hit the terrified woman with a brick against the cheek.

The events that followed, leaves you with tears in the eyes.

“He tied a rope around her neck and dragged her through the house. The suspect quietly went his course, drinking water and smoking my daughter’s cigarettes as if he had all the time in the world.”

The woman’s nightmare wasn’t over yet. The suspect, whose face was covered with a balaclava, burned her on her hands with cigarettes. Then he took a knife and cut her on her stomach and legs.

My daughter has the most beautiful blue eyes and he stole the “gloss” out of them. She said in the hospital that he had told her in fluent Afrikaans “she had the most beautiful eyes and he was going to cut them out”.

While he cut her with a knife, he asked again and again where she still want to be cut?”

Spencer said her daughter had expected the worst when the suspect told her to climb on the bed and pressed a pillow over her face.

“She waited breathlessly and prayed. That’s when she heard him walk out of the room. She took her chance, hid in the closet and called me.”


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