Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls embarrassing nightmare for nation and military

Abuja, Nigeria, Boko Haram (CNN) – The heavily armed militants stormed the girls dormitory in the middle of the night, herding more than 200 students on to vehicles and burning down nearby buildings as they made their escape.

That was a week ago Monday.

Of the 230 students abducted from the Government Girls Secondary School in the Nigerian town of Chibok, about 190 are still missing, one official said.

The number of girls taken from the school has been revised by officials several times, and on Monday, CNN spoke with Principal Asabe Kwambura, who said a new figure of at least 230 was determined after reviewing records and taking reports from parents.

Isa Umar Gusau, a spokesman for the Borno provincial governor’s office, put the number at 234 – 129 science students and 105 art students.

He said in a written statement that the confusion resulted because the art students didn’t leave campus as expected on the day of the attack. The head of the dormitory initially didn’t count them among the missing.

No one knows where the missing girls are. And even more surprising, no one’s particularly shocked.

“All the community are sympathizing with the parents,” Kwambura told CNN earlier. But, she said, “the people in the villages are not surprised.”

Such is life in the lawless Borno province…

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