10 Photo’s that will inspire you not to travel South Africa

10 Photo’s that will inspire you not to travel South Africa
10 Photo’s that will inspire you not to travel South Africa

Crime is a prominent issue in South Africa. South Africa has a very high rate of murders, assaults, rapes (adult, child and infant), and other crimes compared to most countries. Most emigrants from South Africa state that crime was a big factor in their decision to leave. – Wikipedia

Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

Xenophobic violence perpetrated against foreign nationals living in South Africa is not improving and the problem has its roots in the violent history of South African society.



Europeans to think twice before investing in South Africa

Every few years, the South Africa property market is booming, and suddenly, without any warning, the property values will begin to drop and panic will break loose among Europeans that cause them to pack-up and sell, to return to Europe. There are a number of factors at play, such as media, violence and propaganda from time to time that are very well calculated and precisely executed by fearless economist to create the fear thing , “It’s Time to sell!”



Special requirements for driving in South Africa

Be careful at traffic lights as there are sometimes car-jackings. Leave enough room between you and the car in front so that you don’t get boxed in by car jackers. If driving at night have your windows rolled up and your door locked. Do not pick up hitch hikers or offer assistance to broken down vehicles.



Racial motive in farm attacks a well-known fact in senior ANC circles

It is just part of the crime wave we are experiencing. It must be one hell of a crime wave when two black youths break into a house, torture an elderly widow to death, then return to the house every day for a week to eat and drink and enjoy themselves and then pile the scrap food and the Bible on top of the dead and decomposing body before setting the house ablaze.



Extreme home security

Driving around suburban Johannesburg in a posh neighborhood, one observes the extreme lengths to which panicked folks have gone to protect their property and personal safety during a time when robberies and home-invasion assaults/rapes/murders have become depressingly common occurrences.



Julius Malema – The Downfall of South African Politics and Progress?

With an ideology that lists communism, Marxism-Leninism and Black Supremacy as some of their views, accompanied by hate speech and violent rallies, it’s safe to say that Julius Malema and his weird EFF party could probably destroy South Africa.



Farmer severely attacked and shot in Leandra farm attack

In the latest incident, Wimpie Oosterhuis (54) and his wife Sunette were attacked on their farm near Delmas in Leandra on February 4, 2015.



Farm murder statistics of 2015 worse than the 2014 figures

The civil rights group AfriForum and the agricultural union TLU SA announced that since January 1, 1990 more than 1 700 farm murders occurred in South Africa.



South Africa murder rate reflective of a war zone

The murder rate in South Africa is reflective of a “war zone”, Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler Barnard said on Friday following the release of the 2013/2014 crime statistics.



South Africa a country where crime rules and survival is not a game

The story of a British woman repeatedly raped at gunpoint during a 14 hour ordeal, after she and her friend were kidnapped while visiting the stunning Drakensburg Mountains made waves in the international media. The tourists were blindfolded, bound with rope, and shoved into the perpetrators car.



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