Update: Man hospitalized after violent assault

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Update: Man hospitalized after violent assault
Man hospitalized after violent assault. Photo: oorgrens Veiligheid

Update: 19 November 2019. We were alerted by Carolina SAPS that they do not have any knowledge about such incident and case. On further investigation it has been determined that this assault did not take place on a farm, but allegedly in the town of Ermelo, the victim was working on a vehicle when he was attacked by two assailants with a knife. This was not a farm attack.

The original article read: A farm attack took place on the night of 17 November 2019, in Carolina near Ermelo, in Mpumalanga province, South Africa. The man was assisting his father working on a vehicle on their farm when they were attacked by an unknown number of attackers. The man suffered serious injuries during the assault.

The man was admitted to hospital for urgent attention. There is no other information available at this stage. police are investigating. There have been no arrests.

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