Whites aren’t the most racist people

Jay Fayza uses facts and statistics to show that whites and western nations are the least racist and bigoted people on earth contrary to...

The War on Whites is Real

If there was ever any doubt as to the true intentions of the endless waves of migration, let it be heard from the people...

Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the Manchester victims

Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to wounded victims of the Manchester terror attack.

Amazing vehicles hit by trains 2017

Amazing vehicles hit by train 2017 compilation - Crash Videos. South Africa Today - Reality video

From cop to bank robber

A female former LAPD officer was identified as the bearded suspect in a Northern California bank robbery. South Africa Today - Reality video

Motorbike explodes on impact

Motorcyclist killed instantly after bike explodes during violent accident. On the BR-277 highway in ParanĂ¡, a pair on a motorcycle cut off a car, and...

Why you should never ride a bike close to a truck...

If the driver on the bike was going slower, or if the truck was moving faster or perhaps if he took 10 seconds longer,...

Thief drops dead as off-duty cop strikes again

Two motorcycle bandits are having a shootout and are spotted by an off-duty cop who shoots one of them dead. The incident happened in...

Student hit and killed by driver skipping a red light

A 17 year old man died after being hit by a speeding driver who ran the red light while the teenager was on the...

Road rage turns into Murder

A rickshaw driver and a man transporting milk canisters were the subjects of a road rage incident that has gone viral. Rajasthan, India was the...
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