In this video by Sky News Australia we see the host Peta Credlin who speaks to Nicky, a South African farmer, about her experience of fear and violence in the region, and her failed attempts at resettlement in Australia. The video discusses the brutal farm murders in South Africa and Australia’s rejection of visas. After the program Senator Fraser Anning Said “Peta Credlin has had an epiphany! It’s a little too late. Where was she when two years ago I started raising awareness about the slaughter of Christians and farmers in South Africa? During my term as a Senator, I advocated for persecuted South Africans to be granted refuge in Australia, yet it seems that our government prefers to invite people in who have caused harm to us.”

“It’s good to see that Ms Credlin is now taking this issue seriously but will the government and Immigration Minister David Coleman listen? After all, I continuously brought it to their attention and they did nothing. I am shown stories everyday about Christians and white South Africans, being persecuted and murdered. This is reverse racism…”

“Like the 3 year old nailed to a table and raped to death in front of the parents who both had their throats cut. Or what about the 4 year old raped and wrapped in newspaper and burnt alive? These are the people who desperately need refuge and if our government were true humanitarians, they would be granting protection visas to these South Africans now!”

“Isn’t it a shame that when I called for help the media and our government ignored me and let innocent people and children die.”


Contact Liberal Minister David Coleman who has the power to deliver change.
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Shot, raped, tortured, children bound with wire: Victim shares her farm attack story

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