Barbaric violence during the Barnardsvlei ‘hammer’ farm attack

Boere Krisis Aksie BKA

Barbaric violence during the Barnardsvlei ‘hammer’ farm attack
Barbaric violence during the Barnardsvlei 'hammer' farm attack

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Early on Thursday 14 March 2019, Boet Pienaar (88) and his girlfriend, Jessie Lewis, 57, were brutally attacked by three attackers, who gained access to the house, on a farm in Barnardsvlei, in the Mooinooi area. They were attacked with a hammer and it seems that they also tried to strangle Pienaar with a scarf. Pienaar’s dogs were poisoned.

After the attack, Pienaar and Lewis were taken to the British District Hospital for treatment. According to councilor Jan Smith of the FF Plus, Pienaar sustained head, arm and leg injuries and Lewis had less serious head injuries.

It is alleged that a motorcycle, a .243 rifle, solar panels, two way radio and cell phones have been robbed and it could not yet be verified whether the items were recovered. An older model Toyota Hilux bakkie, supposedly used by the attackers, was also found on a nearby farm after the attackers fled on foot.

Lieutenant Colonel. Amanda Funani, spokesperson for the SAPS North West confirmed the incident and said police were investigating cases of housebreaking and assault with intent to seriously injure. The attackers are still at large.

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Barbaric farm attack, couple brutally assaulted with hammer, Barnardsvlei

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