7 Photos why white South Africans desperately need help

White people are in a deadly balance between death and extinction. Have a scroll through the photos and see the reality for the trifling 8%...

ANC what have you done? – Warning graphic photos

Most people expect to see scenes like this during a full scale war but in fact this is an extremely common reality in the...

Boers are dogs – Hate speech – FNSA wants answers

Front National South Africa wrote a letter to the managing director of SBV Cash, Johannesburg regarding a hate speech post by one of its...

Are Black voters of the DA traitors and racist

It is indeed sad to say that there are many people, who remain racist and blind to democracy. When will the majority of South...

If I don’t kill a Boer tonight, an Indian will do

It does not stop, all the hate speech targeted at the minority group. Hate speech that people can utter without facing consequences. Hate speech...

#67 Minutes – Kill 67 white people

'Sinazo Bambeni calls Publicly for Necklacing of House Negros and the systematic killing of Whites.' I am thankful to my numerous followers for bringing to...

White South Africans your time is up – Hate-speech photos

‪Motwana who claims to work at Anglo American, writes hatespeech against Whites‬ in SouthAfrica. "White South Africans your time is up. In the near future...
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