Up in arms over the Riaan Lucas racist rant

Riaan Lucas has been posting racist remarks for months now and nobody said a word, but it is the shocking racist rant he made...

White South Africans your time is up – Hate-speech photos

‪Motwana who claims to work at Anglo American, writes hatespeech against Whites‬ in SouthAfrica. "White South Africans your time is up. In the near future...

7 Photos why white South Africans desperately need help

White people are in a deadly balance between death and extinction. Have a scroll through the photos and see the reality for the trifling 8%...

#67 Minutes – Kill 67 white people

'Sinazo Bambeni calls Publicly for Necklacing of House Negros and the systematic killing of Whites.' I am thankful to my numerous followers for bringing to...

Boers are dogs – Hate speech – FNSA wants answers

Front National South Africa wrote a letter to the managing director of SBV Cash, Johannesburg regarding a hate speech post by one of its...

Racist predator wanted – Obatala Mcambi

Obatala Mcambi is using social media to incite hatred and violence. Facebook user Shane Dörfling uploaded a number of screenshots late on Friday alleging to...

ANC what have you done? – Warning graphic photos

Most people expect to see scenes like this during a full scale war but in fact this is an extremely common reality in the...
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