Minister of Executive Council (MEC) Anroux Marais on Cape Town Cycle Tour boost to Western Cape

Minister of Executive Council (MEC) Anroux Marais on Cape Town Cycle Tour boost to Western Cape

PRETORIA, South Africa, March 6, 2024/APO Group/ —

This weekend will see the riding of the 46th Cape Town Cycle Tour. This scenic and gruelling event has become a highlight on the annual cycling calendar, drawing cyclists from across the world to join the group of 30 000 riders. 

With a route that offers spectacular views and the opportunity to cycle traffic-free, the Cycle Tour event has become a “bucket-list” race for many, with cyclists returning to complete the route many times. The event has also become an important one in supporting the local economy, with the increase in participants from outside Cape Town bringing in tourism and economic growth.

The Cape Town Cycle tour is more than just a one-day event and has significant social benefits and promotes healthy lifestyles. The successful annual staging of the Cycle Tour enables the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust to source funds for its two beneficiaries, the Pedal Power Association and Rotary Club of Claremont, which apply the surplus proceeds for social upliftment projects and the development and promotion of cycling and safe cycling initiatives.

MEC Anroux Marais wishes all the participating cyclists well for this event: “The Cycle Tour brings a variety of athletes together – from those racing to achieve a fast time, to those who turn it into a social riding event which they share with their family and friends. It is a wonderful sight to see the numbers of riders coming in and celebrating their achievements on the day. Whether it is winning the race or just completing it before the cut-off time – the hope and joy experienced remains the same. I hope that everyone taking part enjoys the event and I look forward to cheering for you on the day.”

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) will also use the build-up to the event to launch the translated isiXhosa cycling rulebook – the first time that these rules have been published in isiXhosa. In doing this, the department aims to make the rules of cycling accessible to more people in our province to encourage participation in the sport.  

DCAS supports the hosting of major sporting events in our province to ensure that the Western Cape continues to grow as a sporting hub which creates platforms for social cohesion, more jobs and economic growth.

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