Landmark docuseries celebrating women in cycling to mark the 20th edition of the Absa Cape Epic

Absa Cape Epic
Absa Cape Epic

Absa is proud to announce the premiere of Chain Reaction, a captivating four-part docuseries highlighting the inspiring stories of the 20 all-women #SheUntamed teams participating in the 20th Absa Cape Epic. The #SheUntamed initiative underscores diversity and inclusion in cycling, focusing on uplifting women within the sport of mountain biking.

Set against the backdrop of the Absa cycling calendar and specifically the Absa Cape Epic, Chain Reaction seeks to inspire and empower women who are passionate about mountain biking, cycling and leading active lifestyles. Seamlessly aligned with Absa’s reimagined brand and business positioning, Your story matters, the new series is yet another demonstration of what can be achieved when we unite and amplify women’s voices in sports.

“The Absa Cape Epic is a chain,” remarked Sarah Hill, Head Coach for the #SheUntamed programme. “We ride in teams and need each other to conquer the gruelling eight-day mountain-bike stage race. Sometimes you’ll be in the front, pulling and motivating your team member to hang on, and sometimes you’ll be pulled. Everyone will need help in different ways on different days – it’s all interconnected.”.

What to expect from the Chain Reaction docuseries
Inspiring origin stories, episode 1: The Catalyst – This episode delves into the personal narratives of women who found inspiration within the #SheUntamed collective, igniting their passion for mountain biking and setting them on a transformative journey.

Unity and diversity, episode 2: Linked Together – A showcase of the power of unity among diverse female riders. Despite coming from different backgrounds, these women are bound by their shared love for mountain biking and their mission to promote inclusivity within the sport.

Confronting challenges, episode 3: Breaking Barriers – Viewers will witness the athletes as they confront personal challenges and fears on their path to the Absa Cape Epic. Through resilience and determination, they challenge stereotypes and overcome potential barriers, inspiring viewers.

Triumphant victories, episode 4: Unchained Excellence – This episode brings viewers to the triumphant culmination of #SheUntamed as the all-female teams conquer the Absa Cape Epic. Through unparalleled excellence and resilience, they demonstrate the power of determination and teamwork.

“We’re proud to present Chain Reaction, a series that highlights the extraordinary journeys of each #SheUntamed team,” said Tina Venter, Executive: Marketing Operations at Absa Group. “Every woman’s story matters, and through this narrative, we aim to showcase the diversity, resilience and sheer determination of these incredible teams.”

Chain Reaction has premiere on Wednesday 13 March on SABC Sports@10. With repeats on other SABC shows; Expresso from Friday, 15 March, Ladies Club from Sunday 17 March, Morning Live from Monday 18 March, and SportsWrap from Monday 18 March, Tune in to catch the captivating docuseries celebrating women in cycling at the Absa Cape Epic.

Following the premiere of episode 1, the remaining episodes will air on SuperSport and will be available on DStv Catch Up as well as on Absa channels over the next month, ensuring that you don’t miss any part of this inspiring journey. Stay tuned for an unforgettable exploration of #SheUntamed ahead of the Absa Cape Epic 2024 starting 17 March 2024.

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