Avalanche stuns Savanna Origin of Trails rider with a new bicycle

Savanna Origin of Trails
Savanna Origin of Trails


Panorama local Tsidiso Motsoahae was excited to spend two thrilling days alongside his best friend at the Savanna Origin of Trails MTB Experience, South Africa’s “MTB Party of the year” in Stellenbosch at the close of 2023. The excitement soared to new heights when Avalanche, the event partner, pleasantly caught him off guard with the unexpected gift of a brand-new bicycle.

Motsoahae received an invitation from his best friend, Lwando Lize, who had secured an all-expenses-paid entry to the event.

“Lwando and I were celebrating a decade of friendship, and coincidently, the event happened to be marking its 10th anniversary as well, so I took it as a sign,” explains Motsoahae. “We were both so thrilled about the prospect of visiting Stellenbosch that we overlooked the details in the email, completely missing the fact that we had signed up for a two-day MTB stage race. All my mind registered was ‘all expenses paid,’ ‘Savanna,’ and a weekend in Stellenbosch. With that in mind, we headed to Stellenbosch, where we rented bicycles, and dove into the adventure with no training and zero experience in trail riding.”

Avalanche stuns Savanna Origin of Trails rider with a new bicycle
Avalanche stuns Savanna Origin of Trails rider with a new bicycle

“I’ve participated in events that demanded some level of pre-event training, but nothing quite like this,” confesses Motsoahae. “It’s tough to pinpoint my favorite part, but the breathtaking scenes at the various water points truly left an impression. While I was aware of the wine farms in Stellenbosch and had even visited a few for social activities, the ones I encountered during the event and at the water points were in a different league altogether. Surprisingly, I also didn’t know there was an airport in Stellenbosch. I’m grateful that one of the water points was located there, as it turned out to be a uniquely enriching experience.”

A signature feature of the Savanna Origin of Trails was the opportunity for all participants to stand a chance to win a bicycle compliments of event partner, Dragons Sports. The lucky draw unfolded on Sunday, with Motsoahae being one of four riders chosen to join the on-stage draw. Unfortunately, since he hadn’t completed the event by that point and was still on route, he missed the draw.

“I missed the bike draw due to my lack of experience as a mountain biker and the challenge of riding an unsuitable bike. I was bleak,” says Motsoahae. “The email from the Dragons Sports team (the very next week), expressing their intent to gift me a bike, arrived like an early Christmas present. The sheer joy, excitement, and overwhelming gratitude that I felt were beyond containment. While I typically make the best of what I have, believing that life is more about how you play the hand you’re dealt, receiving a new bike from Avalanche, complete with all the bells and whistles, adds an extra layer of sweetness to my future biking experiences.”

“The Savanna Origin of Trails delivered a truly world-class event over the span of two exhilarating days. The entire experience, from the initial setup to savoring ice-cold Savannas in the afternoon and evening, engaging in thrilling rides, and connecting with fellow riders, was an absolute blast,” says Luke Lockhart-Ross, Marketing Manager at Dragons Sports. “The only downside was the inevitable packing up and heading home, realizing that the excitement couldn’t be relived the next day.”

“Tsidiso fearlessly navigated the Stellenbosch trails on a 24-inch girl’s bike, a challenge even when one is on the ‘correct’ equipment,” states Lockhart-Ross. “His determination to complete the event, his courage, and his infectious enthusiasm for the sport were so evident that the Dragons Sports team felt compelled to do something special to brighten his day. At Avalanche, we’re dedicated to creating moments of pure enjoyment, and what better way to accomplish that than by presenting Tsidiso with his very own Avalanche Reflex 29er. This model is ideal for newcomers to mountain biking. We’re optimistic that Tsidiso will make a triumphant comeback at the Savanna Origin of Trails in 2024, ready to conquer the trails with his new ride.” 

To view the 2023 Savanna Origin of Trails MTB Experience Event Highlights video visit: https://bit.ly/Highlights2023SavannaOriginOfTrailsMTBExperience


Entries for the 2024 Savanna Origin of Trails MTB Experience will open in March!


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