In this video by Renaldo Gouws we see Andile Mngxitama, leader of the BLF, declares war on white people in South Africa. Andile calls on the masses to kill five whites for every black person that is killed. He and other black leaders continue to blame white people for the woes of the black race and openly incite violence against the white minority. He calls for the killing of white woman and children and anything that they find on ‘their land’. The blatant hate speech and racism being promoted by black leaders who are stirring up the unhappy masses, unhappy because the incompetent ANC government has failed in every aspect of governance and service delivery in the country.

This atrocious behaviour needs to be strongly condemned and all citizens of the country need to stand together against this kind of monstrous behavior. Everyone must at the very least go and lay a complaint at the police against this cancerous individual.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media

South Africa: ‘The battle against secularism’