In this video we see a black racist objecting to there being ‘white dolls’ in shops in black communities. The Man wearing western clothes, a french beret and with all the western accessories you could adorn yourself with, starts to remove the white dolls from the shelves. He insists that he will have the particular shop closed down for selling white dolls. He then has a rant about the wages paid to black people and complains that people presume that black people are inferior.

This is the call from the so called ‘doll removers’: “Join us as we remove White dolls in Shops around Black communities on 1 December 2018. We believe that Dolls are not toys but transitional objects. In order to preserve our blackness, we need to understand the psychological warfare going on. Kindly contact our brother Thapelo Lairi on 0606107130 to join our next programme!”

South Africa Today – South Africa Media