In this video Willem Petzer looks at the anti white hateful comments made by MiWay insurance company CEO Rene Otto in relation to the recently published book “The lost boys of bird island” in which an alleged pedopilia ring was exposed involving ex National party ministers. All the allegations in the book are unsubstantiated nor can the allegations be backed up by any evidence that would stand up in court. Its irresponsible and reprehensible that Rene Otto, a senior and presumably functional person would use this allegation to paint all white South Africans and the entire Afrikaner race with the same brush and thereby incite racist hate.

Rene Otto’s comment was : “The lost boys of bird island” is a must read for white SAFFAS, especially Afrikaners who believe they are God’s chosen people, who are still in denial destruction of the apartheid era. It left me gutted. What do we learn from this and can we ever make amends?” There is currently a call from some sectors for people to cancel there policies with this insurer.

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