In this video, the mind just has to boggle with the comments made by Mcebo Dlamini, the SRC president at Wits University, regarding racism. “all whites are racist,” and then continues with “all whites have an element of Adolf Hitler in them” and “a black man cannot be racist.” This from a so called ‘academic.’ He goes on to name a number of world leaders, who in his ‘educated mind’ are all racists that are full of hate. His love and admiration for Robert Mugabe is both disturbing and astonishing as according to him the Zimbabwean atrocities were all as a result of white people.

He blames whites for the blacks hate of themselves and the perception that all blacks are evil. He also believes that with our declining economy that South Africa will go the same way as Zimbabwe. He feels that black leaders are still scared of white people.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media