In this video by Stefan Molyneux the situation regarding white land expropriation in South Africa is discussed with Ernst Roets, the Deputy CEO of AfriForum. The historical lessons of similar catastrophes worldwide are not being learnt. Prominent South African black leaders stand up and sing songs about killing white people, in Parliament they have extreme race hatred and call white South Africans criminals. Afriforum is a minority rights organisation that is standing up. Ernst Roets paints a clear picture of the situation in South Africa, comparing it also to the Zimbabwe situation of racist land theft and the destruction of an economy.

Of Course, whatever the negative outcome is, the whites and the West will be blamed for the catastrophe that black leaders create.Blacks are so full of hatred against whites that they wont even attempt to do anything that whites have done successfully and this in itself leads to their failures and destruction.Ernst also discusses the brutal evil nature of farm attacks and farm murders which is not for the faint hearted.

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