The main stream media locally and internationally blatantly disregards the plight of whites in South Africa including the racist biased approach by Government in this regard.

There is a major drive to oust whites from the work place and to take there land, possessions and there lively hood and this blatant disregard makes a person wonder if there is some ‘third force’ control governing the media.

Farm murders and farm attacks are usually brutal in nature and can not be compared to a common house breaking or robbery incident. How can torture of farmers during these attacks be reported on as a ” robbery gone wrong” ?

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On this trip we’ve been lucky enough to get help from a group called the Suidlanders (or Southlanders). They are a civil defense force preparing for peaceful aid and protection of South Africa’s minority Afrikaner population if any sort of civil war or serious government persecution breaks out. You can check out their website and support them at

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