Vietnam: Useful Tips for Tourists Before Traveling

Planning a trip to the friendliest Vietnam country? Just read the tips below. You can get also get an e-visa to Vietnam in less than 2 minutes, Read More.

  1. Learn a little about the history of the country

Of course, you do not need to take on the services of local guides, waiting for boarding a flight to Vietnam, but there should be a minimal idea of ​​the country where you are planning a vacation. Firstly, it is more interesting. Secondly, it will allow you to navigate the area and realizing the importance of an architectural object or nature.

  1. Decide on the choice of place and time of travel

Geographically and climatically, the country is divided into three parts: north, center, south. In the south of the country, it is best to relax in the period from December to April. In central Vietnam, it is better not to visit from October to December.

  1. Find a resort

Vietnam is trying to please all categories of travelers. Tourists with children, pensioners, singles, surfers, youth companies, fans of sightseeing tourism, romantic couples, lovers of the spa, all can get their sort of enjoyment in Vietnam. If you want to enjoy the most, then choose a resort that suits your interests. For example, young people will like Nha Trang and Danang.

  1. Use caution when using cash.

You can’t pay with a card everywhere outside the hotel. The colorful markets, food trucks, street vendors of trinkets gratefully accept only cash. When exchanging large bills, pay attention to the number of zeros on banknotes. The fact is that many cash tickets of various denominations, for example, 100,000 dongs and 10,000 dongs, have a similar color scheme.

  1. Eat food outside, but do not drink tap water

The rules of the gastronomic game in the country are simple. You can not be afraid to have an exotic snack from the counter of a street vendor. In tourist areas, their activity is closely watched by the Vietnamese counterparts of Rospotrebnadzor. But drinking tap water is strongly discouraged. Bottled water will be your best friend under the hot sun.

  1. Saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial elements

You need a vacation for a good rest. It consists not only of a good hotel, warm sea, and sun, vivid impressions but also on nutrition. Nutrition plays an important part in vacations. In addition to new taste sensations, the species diversity of fruits grown in Vietnam guarantees saturation with vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and a good mood. Worth a try: mango, longan, lychee, durian, pitahaya, sapodilla.

If you will follow the tips listed above, then you will enjoy the vacation of your dreams. You will also enjoy the hospitality of the local population. The developed tourist infrastructure of Vietnam and a good tour guide will complete the portrait of a perfect trip.