Egypt Visa for Canadian Citizens – Online Application Process

Egypt is the birthplace of the greatest civilization that ever existed on Earth, and the sacred Nile River, which flows through the country, has been a symbol of life for many centuries.

It doesn’t matter if you are drinking coffee on the waterfront of Alexandria, or waiting to be served sweet tea made from hibiscus petals on the main street of the capital, or perhaps bargaining at the famous Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo, you always feel that the Great River is nearby. Egypt is a land of miracles created by both nature and man. Thanks to its rich heritage, it has become a place where the whole world likes to rest today.

Tours to Egypt are a sure-fire vacation option for every taste and any budget. Sun, sea, exciting excursions and fun discos attract thousands of Canadian tourists every year.

Egypt Tourist evisa is a new electronic entry permit system for citizens of Canada wishing to travel to Egypt for tourism purposes. Egypt visa for Canadian citizens can be obtained by submitting an online application without the need to visit the embassy.

A new electronic visa system was introduced by the Egyptian government as part of the development of tourism and hospitality. The Egypt evisa Program will not only speed up the pre-travel visa application process but will also improve the customs and border control system upon arrival in Egypt. What do you need to know before applying for an Egypt Tourist evisa and a trip to the homeland of the pharaohs? Let’s take a closer look.

Travel Restrictions for Canadian Citizens due to COVID-19

Due to the complex epidemiological situation in the world, Canadian citizens may face some restrictions and additional requirements when crossing the Egyptian border.

To enter the country, citizens of most countries need a negative PCR COVID-19 test, issued no later than 3 days before departure. For travelers arriving from Canada, there is an exception – they may be allowed to provide test results that were taken no later than 96 hours before arrival in Egypt. This does not mean that the Egyptian government trusts Canadians more than travelers from other countries. This is solely because a flight to Egypt from Canada takes much longer than, say, a flight from Germany. This means that it will be more difficult for Canadian citizens to comply with the 3-day deadline than Europeans.

The terms are counted from the date of collection of the biomaterial in the laboratory, and not from the date of receipt of the certificate. Please note that you cannot take the test at Cairo Airport. The document can be in English or Arabic, in electronic or paper form. In this case, you must have a paper copy with you. You also need health insurance to cover your COVID-19 treatment.

As for all other restrictions, there are practically none. In Egypt, hotels, cafes, cinemas, museums operate normally, all standard excursions are available at resorts. True, hotels are allowed to occupy half of the usual number of guests, and all rooms and luggage of tourists are regularly disinfected. Also canceled buffet and hookahs, closed saunas. All guests must wear medical masks outdoors and in public areas.

From December 1, Egypt introduced new restrictions – night shopping and entertainment are available only in hotels. All establishments in the city are closed at night.

Application Process for Egypt e-Visa

The application process for an Egypt visa for Canadian citizens is simple and can be easily completed prior to departure. This will make it easier for them to enter the country upon arrival.

To apply for an Egypt e-Visa, the applicant will need to complete an online visa application in order for he/her to receive the issued e-Visa by email.

There is also an opportunity to visit Egypt without an e-visa. For all tourists, there is an exception when traveling to Sharm el-Sheikh and the entire South Sinai, where a “Sinai only stamp” is put without advance payment, which allows them to stay in this territory no longer than 15 days. Upon arrival in Egypt, you only need to fill out a migration card and write “Sinai Only” on the back.

Requirements for Egypt e-Visa

An Egyptian Visa will be granted to anyone who applies online and properly meets the requirements for an e-Visa permission. The Egyptian online visa is valid for travel to Egypt ONLY for tourist purposes. Any kind of commercial and other activity is prohibited.

To request an Egypt evisa you need to provide a few simple steps. Do not be afraid, this will definitely not be a breakdown. So, you just need:

– A valid Canadian passport, valid for at least six months from the date of crossing the Egyptian border. This is one of the most important requirements – if you ignore it, you will be denied an Egypt Tourist evisa.

– Make payment for the preparation services for Egypt evisa. Payment can be made by credit or debit card. There is also an opportunity to pay for services using the electronic payment system PayPal if it is more convenient for you.

– Enter your email. After the approval of the Egypt Tourist evisa, you will receive a file with a printed e-visa form.

The tourist will need to print at least one copy of the e-visa issued to him. Upon arrival at the point of entry into Egypt, he/she will be asked to present the issued Egypt e-Visa at the local border control.

Validity for Egypt e-Visa

An Egypt visa for Canadian citizens can be single or multiple. Allows its owner to enter the country for a maximum period of 30 days and is valid for use for 3 months. The Egypt e-Visa is a prerequisite for travelers wishing to visit Egypt for tourist purposes.

We advise you to keep your Egypt Tourist evisa until you return home. Let it be at least in a smartphone in electronic form, but it is best to have a paper printout with you, since the Egyptian migration services prefer paper documents, and they are more trusted.