In this video by ‘Loving Life” wee see a man from a white squatter camp in Gauteng, South Africa talk about his involvement in the upcoming massive food drive into the white squatter camps that is planned for the weekend of 6 and 7 July 2019. The man shares details of life in the camps and the situation that many whites are finding themselves in.

Loving Life channel will also be having a livestream that will run from about 08:30 for 5 plus hours on 6 and 7 July 2019, covering the food, clothing, donations, the packing of food and then the deliveries into the white squatter camps. There will be a shorter evening cross on 5 July 2019 starting at about 20:00 Friday night so people on the channel can meet those involved in the event.

To be involved or to contribute in any way please contact Loving Life at : [email protected]

This is the Youtube channel that the live streams will be published on

South Africa Today – South Africa Media