Warning was wrong as ‘pandemic’ turns out to be a total farce


In this video by ‘South Africa Awakening’ we see that a warning that was given on 3 April 2020, in a video titled ‘Urgent message for all South Africans’ was in fact inaccurate. The warning pertained to the possible massive spread of the COVID-19 virus. The video shares details of of what the virus, or usual annual flu, actually is all about. And reveals some startling facts that are well worth taking note of. Their is a massive plan behind the scenes to destroy economies and control people and the video shares the details.

Basically this virus is real, but like all other flu strains that exist and have taken many lives, its no more serious than any other annual flu. The ANC has taken full opportunity of this pandemic and have stolen everything they can possible lay their hands on. And your pensions will be next.

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