In this video by ‘South Africa Awakening’ we see the most ridiculous events that happen in South Africa. From the war talk of Andile of the BLF to the disgusting response from the ANC President Ramaphosa, where he explicitly blames the recent rise in black violence on white people in general. The video covers a number of issues including the lie that there is a coal shortage causing load shedding, whilst in fact massive tons of coal are being exported out of Richards bay to China.

“White people better wake up in this country, stand together and do something.” The crisis in South Africa is deepening and the ANC government and other black leaders are promoting the slaughter of the white minority in South Africa.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media

More rubbish and lies from Ramaphosa: Blames white people again!

Ramaphosa creates the impression that racism is only a white problem

Farm attack victims to be sent to USA after deceitful Ramaphosa statement

SA: Simon Roche of Suidlanders addresses the European Parliament

Ramaphosa must explain, ‘white people, frog in boiling water’

BLF calls for slaughtering of whites, including women and children

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